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@Dana_C_83 and @Sandy415, have you tried using the minus symbol in your search? For example, when I search for vintage jewelry I will search for things like:

vintage rhinestone jewelry -blue -plastic

(If I don't want any blue or plastic jewelry included in the search).

Hope that helps!

10 Reasons Why We Love Shopping on Etsy
1/10/12 12:29 PM

I am both a seller and a buyer on Etsy. I have bought new/vintage supplies for the jewelry I sell, and then loads of stuff as gifts for friends & family (or myself of course)! Most recently, I bought a lamp constructed out a vintage map of Spain ( for my sister who spent her honeymoon there. Speaking of that, Etsy is great for weddings too - from flowers to invitations to dresses and more!

10 Reasons Why We Love Shopping on Etsy
1/9/12 03:55 PM