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We don't worry about taking our shoes off unless we know there's something on them we don't want to track around the house. I take my dog walking shoes off as soon as I'm inside, as they tend to be extra dirty. We clean our floors regularly, so it doesn't cause any problems.

I'd never require guests to take off their shoes at a party at my house... Shoes are part of an outfit & parties require cleaning up afterward no matter what. And I'd feel awkward walking around someone's house in just my socks or bare feet if I'm not really close to them/comfortable there.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Survey: No Shoes in the House Policy?
3/31/09 02:32 PM

the big things that get used all the time (all used at least once a week; most used daily) are in a tall plant pot on the counter. everything else is in a drawer (or a basket in a cabinet, depending on how often we use them & what they're for).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Storing Kitchen UtensilsDrawer or Container?
3/1/09 03:04 PM

ugh! hideous! what a waste!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Beautiful Stockholm Apartment Gone Bad
2/1/09 08:32 AM

We shop every other day (sometimes every day) and get most of our fruits, vegetables & meats at the weekly market that's held directly across the street from our apartment (next to both grocery stores we frequent -- we're in a great spot). So, our list is small & in whatever order we right it.

Shopping frequently (instead of giant trips) is common in Holland, as most people are taking their groceries home on foot or by bicycle.

I'm from Texas and before I got here I planned and shopped for the week. I usually grouped similar food items together...

I much prefer the way I do it now in Holland.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How Do You Write a Shopping List?
1/28/09 03:53 PM

We mostly keep them open. We went month without any curtains at all, so i guess we got used to it. Our back living room wall is solid floor-to-ceiling windows.

In Holland (where I'm living), most houses have giant windows in the front (think: storefront) and they are mostly open. I love walking around in the evenings and seeing families eating dinner together or relaxing in their living rooms.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Survey: Curtains -- Open or Closed?
1/21/09 04:02 PM

Looooove the bedroom!

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1/21/09 04:00 PM

I live with a partner and I've never had to do this.
(I'm logged in but can't answer the survey.)

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1/21/09 03:50 PM

We have a few terabytes of space that we use to store all of our movies & television shows (and music). We put together a media center (computer in a special case that runs a media center program) that is in our living room & networked to our server & all other computers. It grabs what we need & works with a TV remote. We don't own one single shelf, box, or piece of furniture for storing media & we LOVE it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Update: Clearing The DVD Clutter
1/18/09 07:41 AM

Nothing yet. We're in a new apartment & I haven't been able to decide what should go there.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Roundup: Bedroom Art Over Head
1/18/09 07:25 AM

I keep everything in gmail (even if it's not someone I ever email with).

I also bought an address file (like a better rolodex) from Etsy & have hard copies filed away in there now. I use the file for a lot more than addresses though, so it's not there just for that.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Do You Keep An Address Book?
1/18/09 07:23 AM

We live in a secure apartment building on the 2nd floor. Sometimes we forget to lock our front door and it doesn't feel like a very big deal. Our front door came with a deadbolt on it, so we try to lock that at night. I live in Holland and haven't seen anything here to make us feel like we should do anything else...

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1/18/09 07:21 AM

how sweet. thanks for posting.

Apartment Therapy New York | Project Runway's Daniel Vosovic at Home The New York Times 11.23.08
11/26/08 05:14 AM

I live on the 2nd floor and my building has an elevator. I mostly take the stairs though... unless my (senior) dog is too tired after a long walk to make it up them.

Apartment Therapy New York | Does Your Building Have an Elevator?
11/25/08 07:35 AM

No smoking inside the apartment under any circumstances. (We don't smoke, so why should our home smell like it?) I've never had to actually tell anyone that though, since they know we don't smoke & head outside on their own.

As for shoes, we live in Holland where it rains (and rains and rains and rains!). I walk my dog in a pair of converse that I take off and put on right near the front door (and store in the coat closet) because they usually get pretty wet and muddy from playing outside.

I'd never REQUIRE anyone to take their shoes off, as I know I don't always want mine off when I'm not at home (sometimes bare feet are just tooooo casual!) & when I'm out, I'm usually wearing shoes I like & have picked out for my outfit, so if I had to take them off, they'd hardly ever get any wear! People here seem to take their shoes off if it's wet/muddy out without my asking and keep them on if they've wiped on the mat and it's dry and not going to make a mess. I mop the floors at least once a week and sweep daily, so cleanliness isn't an issue...

Otherwise, I'd prefer people stay out of our bedroom, but don't mind them anywhere else. And I'd rather be the one getting the food & drink out.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Are Your House Rules?
11/10/08 01:34 AM

Yep, olive oil and salt for me too. I grew up using foil, but now that I eat the skins, no foil works better.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Old Habits: Baked Potatoes Wrapped in Foil or Not?
11/3/08 07:06 AM

we wash the sheets every weekend, and pillowcases twice a week. i have allergies and asthma, so i start sleeping poorly if it goes longer than that.

we use towels twice, replace hand towels 2-3 times a week, and use a fresh wash cloth each day.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Laundry Habits: What's Normal For Towels and Sheets?
10/31/08 01:33 PM

I agree. My beagle is so much fun & nice to have around. He improves my home life so much I moved him from Texas to Holland with me via cruise liner since he couldn't fly.

Apartment Therapy New York | Pets Increase Your Happiness Washington, DC
9/8/08 03:50 AM

My beagle has his own bed. Two actually, so he can choose which room he wants to sleep in. He's stubborn & would take over the house if he thought he could, so it's an easy way of reminding him that I'm the boss.

He's allowed on the couch though, so if we're in a snuggling mood, we meet up there. :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Survey: Do Your Pets Sleep In Your Bed With You?
9/3/08 11:40 PM

Almost every day. I live in Holland & don't have a car, so the groceries are either walked or biked home. I'm from Texas, so it used to be every 1-2 weeks with a pile full of stuff in the car. I like smaller, more frequent trips... I like being able to think about what I want for dinner in the morning & then go get exactly what I'm in the mood for. I also go to the farmer's market every Friday where I can get fresh fruits & veggies, special cheeses, fish, etc.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Survey: How Often Do You Shop For Groceries?
8/28/08 01:36 PM

I have a mid-range foam mattress from Ikea topped with a "pillowtop" topper from Target that cost < $50. The mattress is the middle firmness. I didn't love it when I first got it & didn't have the topper (it was a bit too firm for me), but after I added the topper, it was perfect! It is supportive enough so that I don't wake up with any pains (like I ALWAYS did before), but the pillowtop part makes it nice and comfy.

I moved up in the firmness when I bought it because my boyfriend is 6'5" & while not overweight, he just weighs MORE due to sheer size. In a less firm bed, I'm always being pulled over to his side while I'm sleeping & wake up with back aches because of my trying not to roll in my sleep. This setup solved that problem completely. We both love it. (He's a back & side sleeper, while I'm a stomach & side sleeper.)

Good luck!

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8/22/08 10:48 PM