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I've tried this a couple times with a few different cats. I apparently don't have the touch because they let it be well known that this SHOULD not occur again.

Would You Leash-Train Your Cat?
The New York Times

1/6/12 08:43 PM

great colors. I love this

Buenos Aires for Design Addicts
1/6/12 08:41 PM

I don't see this as an IKEA hating article either. As someone pointed out, the two green chairs are IKEA, but yet they aren't marked to be swapped out. I feel she filled her space with some great items that fit the need, but now she's ready for a change.

I also love the wall piece, so maybe I'm in one camp..

See Ya Later Ikea: Out with the New & In with the Old
1/6/12 06:05 PM