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Hi Dana, (and Lisa, cousin Mary here!)

You've got a lot of great ideas already.. and the food at the Christmas party is always delicious! Stick with the antipasto and stromboli appetizers, that alone enough for some people. I have also been learning a few things being from that italian side of the family and cooking for an Indian. Some of our favorites are: bolognese sauce, a zesty garlic shrimp sauce/curry, and sauteed peppers/onions/potatoes.

The bolognese sauce can include any meats you have or love. We've done it with italian sausages and buffalo meat or with bacon, pork, and ground beef. Just saute the meat first with some rosemary and fennel to get that italian sausage flavor and then add your favorite red sauce recipe and let it cook all day. I always add a bit of cayenne and paprika to spice up the sauce as well.

We often make an asian/italian shrimp and white bean curry with a tomato base; this is one that you can add chilis, cayenne, garlic etc for your desired zesty-ness. It can be eaten by itself or over pasta or bread.

And a side dish of sauteed or roasted sausage and vegetables can be a great filler to add to any of the pastas or sauces.

Ideas for Creative, Zesty Dishes for an Italian Christmas Dinner? Good Questions
12/18/12 04:49 PM

@Rucy Can you show a picture of these suitcases?! It sounds like a great/creative idea but I just can't imagine how you set it up.

I keep my printer and office files on a bookshelf next to the desk in my bedroom. I have a small collection of metal filing boxes for papers and office supplies so the printer is the only eyesore on the shelf.

Decor-Sensitive Storage for Printer and Files?
Good Questions

1/5/12 01:56 PM