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I made cushion covers this summer from exactly that fabric. If you're looking for it, I got it through Tonic Living.


Spice It Up: Goods to Add a Little Autumn Coziness at Home
10/24/12 05:48 PM

There is a really good primer called Stix. It's a waterborne bonding primer that I've used on furniture with great success. You just have to lightly sand beforehand. As with any primer, you can have it tinted to be close to the colour you're using so that it is easier to cover with your finish coat(s).

Best Way To Paint Ikea BORGSJO Cabinet? Good Questions
9/4/12 04:02 PM

I absolutely agree with you TRISTACOOP. It is not a combination that does justice to either colour.

Color Pairing: Yellow & Brass
8/24/12 06:52 PM

How about something fun to disguise it?


How To Improve View from Entryway? Good Questions
8/14/12 04:13 PM

It looks very much like this Robert Abbey lamp. Here it's sold at Candelabra, but i'm sure there are numerous other retailers.


Floor Lamp & Artwork Sources from Suits? Good Questions
8/14/12 02:57 PM

It would have to be Junket Rennet Custard (well worth faking a sickie to get), creamed salmon on toast, butter tarts, date squares and at this time of year a meal of just corn on the cob and tomatoes. Guess what I had for dinner tonight.

The Allure and Comfort of Tastes from Childhood: What Do You Still Crave?
8/6/12 07:46 PM

My sofa is now 30 years old and has been through 3 recoverings with 2 restylings, and I still love it. It was fairly expensive for the time, but just the right size and depth. Each time it has needed a makeover, I've shopped around for something else, and I've never found anything that I liked better. I'm definitely of the opinion that if you buy quality in a classic style you really can't go wrong.

Is it a Good Deal? Tips for Buying a Sofa
7/24/12 02:43 PM

Yes, it isn't the most stunning of all kitchens, but the cabinets and white counters are really not bad. It's the backsplash that is so distracting. If you were to cut a sheet of 1/4" plywood to cover it and apply something like these peel and stick "stainless" tiles, you would have a much more appealing shell to work with.


Good luck.

Update Rental Kitchen Temporarily? Good Questions
6/26/12 06:23 PM

I love all metals that are aged and patinaed, especially pewter and bronze.

Gold or Silver: What's Your Main Metallic?
6/13/12 06:32 PM

You're right, REPRESSED, and Humane Societies are happy to receive them too.

Taming the Beast: Storing (and Purging) Linens & Towels
4/19/12 06:27 PM

Oh deer. Been there, done that.

Brass Animal Figurines: Vintage Style
3/30/12 05:35 PM

I can attest to the longevity of a latex mattress. I've had mine for at least 30 years and it's still very comfortable. There are a couple of bonus benefits to it too. There is never any noise if you move in your sleep and it is lighter than a spring mattress if you are like me and want to turn and/or flip your mattress fairly frequently. I even prefer a latex pillow for a good night's sleep.

The Case for Buying a Latex Mattress
3/30/12 05:28 PM

Terrific pairings. Quite inspiring.

Runway to Room: NY Fashion Week Translated to Interiors
2/15/12 06:56 PM

This is a lovely bright place, but i neeeed to straighten out that hide rug.

Laura's Mid–Century Melrose Place
House Tour

10/21/11 05:53 PM

I grew up in a house with a milkbox by the back door. There was usually a spare key kept there, and I once squeezed far enough through the milkbox to reach and unlock the back door. Very secure.

Where Do You Keep Your Spare Key?
9/27/11 05:36 PM


Lay With Your Food: Pancake Floor Pillows
9/26/11 05:34 PM

The GMO table is really quite beautiful.

Kobo Sin's Freakshow: When Nature Meets Design
9/22/11 04:23 PM

I would agree with the stain option. Because it is absorbed into the wood there is less concern with peeling over time. When it shows wear, a power wash and restaining is all that's needed. We have had it on the deck at the cottage for 20 years, and it has been redone twice.

Acrylic or Marine-Grade Paint for Decks?
Good Questions

9/2/11 09:58 AM

Just stunning.

Illusion Boxes by Laszlo Tompa
8/30/11 12:41 PM

I'm really glad to see this thread. I've been searching for a good dish rack and have as yet not found anything to beat the old Rubbermaid one for function. The ones I've tried do not have a drip tray that is angled enough to allow water to run back into the sink or are not wide enough to catch the water from glasses and mugs that hook over the outside rim of the rack. Others have some strange slot system for the dishes that do not allow you to stand bowls at all and dinner plates are often toppling over. You can also forget trying to fit pots, pans, coffee carafes, muffin tins and cutting boards in. I don't have a dishwasher, so handwashing has gone from a simple chore to a daily frustration. Since when does form have to win over function?

Best Dish Racks 2011

8/11/11 05:23 PM