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I've wanted one of these for a long time.

Win: SONOS PLAY:5 and Bridge Holiday Giveaway
11/29/12 10:37 AM


Win: Cricket Floor Lamp from
Room & Board Holiday Giveaway

11/29/12 10:37 AM

Anyone know the source of the floor lamp?

Rocky Mountain High: The Home Office of Photographer David Lauer Lifework
11/11/12 03:14 PM

CDs are not 320kbps, ish. They are 1411 kbps ripped AIFF/FLAC. FLAC is an uncompressed version of the original.

If using a ripper with AccurateRip database checking, a bit for bit replication can be obtained. i Tune s music among others, is compressed. Sure, most people can't hear a difference or care. But just saying a digital copy of music doesn't lose any quality needs more explanation, ie what format?

How to Downsize Movie & Music Collections
1/26/12 06:29 PM

...will have it too. :)

How Your Smartphone Can Get You a Job
1/10/12 08:22 AM

As for CDs, the quality is still much better than i Tunes and you can generally find CDs much cheaper than i Tunes downloads anyway (e Bay, used music store, et al).

Most people don't care about bit rate, multiple file sources, etc.

But yes, you must retain the original disc if you also have the digital copy. I dont think I'd be proclaiming that I rip all my CDs then get rid of the original on a blog such as this :)

Why I Don't Own a Single Blu-ray...and Probably Never Will
1/5/12 12:17 PM

"As someone who happily ripped and rid (sold, gave away, threw out) his entire collection of CDs,..."

Legally I believe you still need to retain the original copy.

Why I Don't Own a Single Blu-ray...and Probably Never Will
1/5/12 09:02 AM