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My grandmother made that very easy crushed toffee mocha whipped cream sponge cake (hers was angels' food, tho) for everyone's birthday and I happily carry on the tradition! In fact, it got a major compliment from an Italian professional chef who said she had been afraid to eat it because American cakes are so sweet, but she loved it. Thanks Grandma!

The Most Under-Appreciated Recipes of the 1960s: Food Writers Share Their Secret Favorites Recipes of the Decades
2/24/14 11:50 PM

Is this person by any chance Dutch? Apparently this is a normal Dutch thing, to charge your guests for the price of dinner at your house. Aaaannnyway, a bunch of friends and I have an annual and much loved party about a certain seasonal food we all love. One couple always hosts, we all bring stuff, but the food is pricey and it is just expected that we all divide the cost of the main dish, as well as any leftovers. It is the furthest thing from tacky--it's a group norm that we all follow gladly. So let's not act like there's NO situation where splitting cost with the host is unthinkable.

A Friend Asked Me to Pay Cash for Thanksgiving Dinner. What Do I Do? Good Questions
11/6/13 11:57 AM

I just sat in the vegetal chair in a restaurant, and it was striking and comfy. Thought about getting some myself.

The Bouroullec Brothers Designer Dossier
9/28/12 08:40 PM

Really, "one of the few folks on the planet that refrains from the consumption of alcohol"? I guess the millions of Muslims and others who refrain for religious reasons don't live on this planet. Sometimes the navel-gazing naivite of this site astounds me.

No, I'm Not a Wine Drinker: 3 Social Tips from a Teetotaler
4/25/12 10:00 PM

Agree with all the Berkeley Bowl love here, both types of the olive oil are really good, and always "on special." I use the Kirkland as everyday stuff too.

And Emerald city jojo, Stephen Singer is or was married to Alice Waters, so I'm sure they do use his oil... I want to try it now, though!

In Search of a Good Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4/12 09:35 PM