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Thanks guys for sharing our magazine rack :)

Make It Organized: DIY Magazine Racks & Storage Project Ideas
2/1/14 09:26 AM

Thanks guys for showing our DIY media console :)

DIY Ideas: 5 Wood Media Console Projects
6/6/13 07:51 PM

For the questions regarding the outlets, I cut the hardibacker around the outlets as well as the tile. There are 4 outlets on this backsplash. As I mentioned in my post, I marked on the cabinet where the screws were so I would know which tiles to pop off in order to unscrew the hardibacker as @ninja_neer mentioned :)

Renters Solutions: Install a Removable BacksplashFour Generations One Roof
5/28/13 07:59 PM

Hey guys! Thanks so much for featuring our kitchen and tutorial on our removable backsplash :) I appreciate it!

Renters Solutions: Install a Removable BacksplashFour Generations One Roof
2/22/13 12:28 PM

Thank you so much for featuring our family room! What a nice surprise :)

Before & After: Dated Family Room Lightens Up Four Generations One Roof
10/10/12 05:24 PM

This is fabulous! I love stories and tours like this :) I can relate as we live with four generations under one roof so making the home a "family" home can be challenging and fun at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing and love your home!

Three Generations Living Together in Beverly Hills House Tour
7/2/12 12:12 PM

I love the idea of May baskets. We always buy my mom hanging flowering pots for her porch. I'll have to add one of these to the mix as well :)

Celebrate May Day: 10 DIY May Baskets
4/29/12 06:14 PM

Very cool post! We are 4 generations also living under 1 roof so this was so much fun to read :) I got a great pin also.....the stove in the middle of the room is clever and looks great.

Jennifer and Hugh's Welcoming Home
Green Tour

4/28/12 07:21 AM

Love forsythia! Isn't cool that it goes with everything :) Looks pretty!

How To Make a Forsythia Wreath
4/19/12 04:40 PM

What a great idea using burlap. I wouldn't have thought of that. I love the idea also of clear caulking. I may have to try this :)

Easy DIY Outdoor Rug
How To

4/6/12 06:59 AM

Love the different colors and eclectic arrangement. Very cool :)

Colorful Vintage Plate Display in the Kitchen Roomarks
4/4/12 07:40 PM

I would love a canopy for our master. I am hoping to re-do it this year. Our ceilings are shy 8' so they are not overly high. Do you think this would look silly? Hmmm, I'll have to try hanging some sheets or somthing to see how it would look. Great post!

10 Ways To Get the Canopy Look Without Buying a New Bed
3/29/12 12:45 PM

This is a great idea!! My son would love this to put all his star wars figures on and draw a space theme! Thanks for the idea :)

Small Space Solution: Roll-Away Kids Chalkboard A Subtle Revelry
2/29/12 08:49 AM

This space is perfect! I love the added color and different patterns. So cool looking. Love Rhoda and her blog :) Congrats on the feature Rhoda!

Rhoda's Little Office Nook DeskTops
2/28/12 04:53 PM

I love the new color! So fun :)

Before & After: From an Eyesore to Sassy
Classy Clutter

2/28/12 12:55 PM

I think they did a great job and it looks wonderful! Enjoy your new space :)

Before & After: Nicole and Colin's Lively Living Room Makeover
2/27/12 07:54 PM

What a great idea! Going to vote for my favorite now :)

Share Your Favorite Home Blogs Now!
The Homies 2012

2/26/12 12:46 PM

My favorite is the chevron from wayfair.

High & Low: Floor Pillows, Poufs & Beanbags
2/21/12 08:00 PM

Oh how I would love any of these spaces!

Imaginative Craft Rooms from Around the Web
2/16/12 07:57 PM

I love the map by remodelholic. My son would love :)

9 Easy DIY Art Projects from Favorite Blogs
2/16/12 07:55 PM