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In my determination to avoid laminate flooring - and save a few rainforests - I recently painted my hallway floor boards with Farrow and Ball's Glass Samphire floor paint. Yum.

Apartment Therapy - How To: Paint Hardwood Floors
9/17/07 11:47 AM

Nice photo (scroll through series) of kitchen opening up into relaxation/chilled out/lounge area with day bed, bright rug, storage unit. Nice and bright.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions:What to Do in the Den?
9/15/07 10:27 AM

radiator covers

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Should I Do Abouth This Radiator?
9/10/07 06:58 AM

Remove, fill in holes and paint
Wallpaper over with heavy lining paper (is fairly cheap), and paint
Good luck!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: How Can We Cover This Wooden Wall?
9/8/07 01:45 AM

Concrete, polished

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What To Do With My New Basement Floor?
9/6/07 12:21 AM

Friend of mine bricked up and plasterd the recess so that there was only a small box shaped recess left.
She used it to display single sculpture - wooden carved doll I think.
Looked beautiful and very effective.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What to do with this wall space?
9/1/07 11:01 PM

Had similar.
Squared off top - shape is easier to live with. Painted inside white.
Am looking for large indian mirror (with carved doors) to hang over the space
For me, it is too tricksy to display/store things there.
Or - as suggested above - may hang doors (jali uk) and make a little altar space.
Or cheaper option might buy nice wall hanging and stash stuff behind.
Good luck
Love the dog.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What to do with this wall space?
9/1/07 06:34 AM

UK lady who does pebble mosaics has workshops your way in a couple of months.

Apartment Therapy - Flickr Finds: Yourbuddylacy's Garden
8/26/07 11:18 AM

Looks fab....
Its great you're recycling stuff too
And the pebbles...here's a site that might interest you (pebble mosaics)

Apartment Therapy - Flickr Finds: Yourbuddylacy's Garden
8/26/07 11:14 AM


Good Questions: What Color for My Office?
8/7/07 04:05 AM

See Scumble Goosie for some painted furniture ideas:-

Good Questions: Save This Room, Save My Marriage?
7/21/07 08:22 AM

1) Large built in lizard house
2) Large, built in Aquarium
3) Cactus display
If you like animals/plants only!

Good Questions: What Should I Do With This Nook?
7/5/07 12:18 PM

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland ie the rest of the UK are every bit as passionate about their gardens as the English.

AT Europe: London - English City Gardens
6/14/07 06:20 AM

Large mirror - or one covering whole wall area - would reflect greenery and give the impression of space.

Flickr Finds: Suggestions for Lacy's Garden Wall
6/13/07 11:41 AM

Functioning - or false - shutters might be nice.

Good Questions: How Can We Fix this Mirror Situation?
6/11/07 11:56 AM

Aquarium - free standing, or built into wall

Good Questions: What More Can I Do With This Wall?
6/11/07 11:46 AM

I enjoyed his show very much.
Not afraid to get down and dirty, his enthusiasm for - and knowledge about - gardening was often noted by his clients, who liked him more for this.
He worked on urban gardens with a range of problems and constraints, and his designs worked really well. The pictures above don't really do them justice, IMO.

Blogging... Urban Outsiders & The City Gardener on HGTV
6/10/07 12:33 AM

Moira, I agree with you.
Daniel's place is my 'winner'. His ideas and images are a real inspiration.
Don't mean to be sarcastic, but the judges designs don't do anything for me at all...am I getting too long in the tooth for this perhaps?

Small Cool 2007: Honorable Mention #3
5/17/07 07:04 AM

Lookey likey! Fee ;-)

#15 Mike's Soothing Mix
4/26/07 12:15 PM

I like this a lot. Shows sensitivity and restraint. Less is more, as they say.

#5 - Rebekah's Student Salvage
4/17/07 09:34 AM