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These spinach lasagna roll-ups are in the oven right now!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of April 12-13, 2014
4/11/14 08:12 PM

Galuptsi, which is cabbage stuffed with ground meat and sometimes rice, and simmered in tomato sauce. I made Smitten Kitchen's Italian-inspired version:

Serve with sour cream! I have a friend from Ukraine and her mom makes this all the time.

Russian Food Ideas for a Winter Olympics Party? Good Questions
1/19/14 02:39 AM

We're going to a music festival here in town on Saturday and Sunday, but I will be waking up to make goat cheese + spinach omelets before we go!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of June 1-2, 2013
5/31/13 04:25 PM

I have made hard apple cider but I would love to refine my technique! My dad is a homebrewer and I would also like to try my hand at beer.

Enter to Win a Copy of True Brews by Emma Christensen Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/23/13 01:40 PM

Alcohol definitely makes me sleepy, so I refrain if I have to do something that involves being sedentary (studying, doing mindless work). And I definitely like to have a glass of wine while I'm cooking, but I usually wait until after all the knife work is done, just to be careful!

Can a Cocktail Make You More Creative?
5/7/13 01:31 PM

1. Tanqueray Gin
2. Knob Creek Bourbon
3. 1800 Tequila
4. Flor de Cana Rum
5. Tito's or Dripping Springs Vodka (if I'm going to drink vodka, it at least can be local!)
6. Grand Marnier or Cointreau

Stocking a Home Bar From Scratch:
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4/17/13 05:15 PM

I'm hosting a party tonight, and I've had one batch of chili going in the crock pot all day while I've been at work, and then when I get home, I'm whipping up some vegan chili for the non-meat-eaters. It's still getting brisk at night here in Houston, so chili will be perfect!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of February 22-23, 2013
3/1/13 05:37 PM

I just made my own hard cider using a similar method! I used ale yeast because sometimes champagne yeast can result in a cider that's too dry--but if you taste it as you go, you can find the perfect amount of sweetness.

How to Make Sparkling Cider at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
10/30/12 01:55 PM

This isn't necessarily a punch, but it's a recipe for a higher quantity of juleps:

How Can I Turn Mint Juleps Into a Punch?Good Questions
4/30/12 09:40 AM

Add a package of Jello vanilla pudding mix to the dry ingredients. It gives the cookies so much more flavor! Also, definitely make sure you refrigerate the dough.

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1/4/12 01:31 PM