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It doesn't work very well...

A Map Lover's IKEA Clock Upgrade
Simbaco Home

1/23/12 10:50 PM

Keep it simple and rustic, the best way for you to enjoy it is in bread!

Toast the bread and grill the chorico - Slice if length wise to the middle without cutting it in half, then grill it on direct contact with a open flame, place on bread and enjoy.

If you're a baker, make yourself bread rolls, a sort of chewy rustic type bread, and slice your chorico in slices, roll several of them inside of each roll of bread, bake it as you normally would, the smell will have your neighbors wanting to know what the heck you're cooking and if they can have some.

What Can I Make With Cured Chorizo?
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1/19/12 10:47 PM

The 70s are back!!

Smörgåstårta: 15 Savory Sandwich Cakes
1/19/12 10:05 PM

When there is no internet, I get things done... Sad, I know. I tend to be a digital hoarder, so there is lots of organizing and tagging to be done with pictures, music and so fourth.

For those who tend to be creative, writing can be a good relaxing outlet, for the more stressed out cleaning can be a good thing to concentrate on, if you're anxious however, get out of the house and go for a walk.

And you will find that sometimes not having internet may be the best thing that will ever happen to you.

How To Survive When You Don't Have Internet
1/13/12 09:58 PM

This article could have been written 15 years ago about nickel batteries and it would have made sense. Lithium batteries shouldn't be discharged completely just like Ryans has mentioned.

No genuine charger that I have seen in the last 10 years continues charging any device past 100%, it automatically stops, but it is still a wallwart and therefore continues to suck wattage regardless of charging it or not.

Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Cell Phone Plugged in at Night
1/13/12 09:52 PM

I do not own any blu rays for a very simple reason, one DVDs provide us with the "same" quality as far as picture or sound. What is the point of having 1080p resolution of a movie that was simply upped from the DVD format?

I think people fail to understand the difference between DVDs and Blu Rays in resolution, compression of bit rate or sound bit rates, reminds me of people going out to buy a 14 mega pixel camera simply because it has more "pixels"...

And of the new films that are out, very few are worth it in Blu Ray.

Why I Don't Own a Single Blu-ray...and Probably Never Will
1/8/12 12:20 AM

I sent the question in, and thank you all for the sugestions. And yes I am trying to match the flavored of the store bought pre-made tollhouse dough. Ok, time for explaining my process.

I do chill the dough, I've tried different times to as soon as right away and not chill it to 12/24/36 hours.

I've used every different brand I could think of from generic sugar to Domino and from generic flour to KAF AP unbleached, I have also used home made chunks from a bar to tollhouse chips and now Guirradelli's chips, always butter and always always at room temp along with the eggs. The only thing I didn't varied a lot was with the vanilla extract, I use watkins (really aggravated me when they switched to plastic bottle) refuse to use any extracts that have corn syrup, and I used another one I found which name I can't recall.

With all those variations it seems I get virtually the same results which kind of surprised me considering the different products I used.

I have mixed them by hand and now with my brand new stand mixer.

The texture of them isn't very appealing to me either, you can feel the sugar crystals in your mouth, but I could probably change that with the use of brown sugar like many of you sugested.

@jmorri26 @jess13

Thank you for the wake up call, I probably should realise that if I want to come close I probably need to change recipe


The salt came to mind yesterday when I finished my batch but I didn't have the guts to alter the recipe

@Jason Dudley

I am aware of such practices, the thing is, I can't show you the statistics right now but it is my understanding virtually all chocolate uses some form of child slave labour, 82% is the number I keep hearing and seeing in writing when it comes to cocoa harvest simply because so much comes from the same place.


Thanks everyone for the tips, I think it is time to abandon the tollhouse recipe and "Try all things"!

Help Me Make Better Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies
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1/4/12 01:43 PM