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Family style or buffet style in the kitchen (i.e. people serve themselves, then move to the dining room) - there's enough work involved in getting things ready, at that point I'm ready to step away.

Plated or Family-Style: What's Your Dinner Party Serving Style? Reader Discussion
4/2/13 06:03 PM

Reliability and simplicity, too. If I want to know how to cook a new item, or try a new method, I would rather check Fanny Farmer or Mark Bittman than wade through hundreds of questionable recipes online. The same goes for foods from specific cultures, if I'm looking for a recipe I trust a good cookbook more than the internet.

Four Reasons Why I Will Never Give Up Print Cookbooks
4/2/13 01:29 PM

Muhamarra. I'm not sure if it's the best but it's certainly one of the easiest and goes with any bread or vegetables.

What Is Your Best Appetizer Recipe?
4/1/13 04:45 PM

Where's the "sometimes" option? I like chocolate somewhere in between "greatest thing EVER!!!" and "not really". It is really tasty! But so are other non-chocolate desserts!

I've run into a similar either-or phrasing about bacon vs chocolate, too, and it confuses me because there are very few contexts where you would be choosing between the two. It's hard for me to pick one abstractly, I always think in terms of actual choices. Plus chocolate covered bacon is awesome.

Is Chocolate Your Very Favorite Thing, Like Ever? Reader Survey
3/30/13 09:01 AM

Quinoa's iffy. Not everyone considers it permissible, and sometimes people prefer to stay away if they're not sure.

The issue is that you don't have a lot of protein options to combine with your vegetables/potatoes/matzoh, but nuts and eggs on salads or roasted vegetables, omelets, and quiche are the options that I know. Also, sustainably sourced fish could help fill in during Passover.

Vegetarian Recipe Ideas for Passover? Good Questions
3/21/13 09:50 AM

I was planning to make big mushroom & potato pancake tonight but I have broccoli in the fridge and really like the idea of roasting it and serving it over white beans, so I might do that instead. Or I might make the rosti and a raw broccoli salad for tomorrow.

My roommate's also having some people over later, one of them doesn't eat dairy, and my fridge is full of potatoes and onions. Any ideas for snacky things I could make with those? I'm willing to buy additional vegetarian ingredients.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of March 16-17, 2013
3/16/13 10:45 AM

If the group has to be large and there are a lot of conflicts, it would require spending more than I can afford on speciality flours, meats, etc (I usually cook simply and vegetarian), or I would have to make more dishes than I can handle...let's just say we're having a potluk or simply meeting for drinks. Usually it's easy to find a vegan dish that fits everyone's restrictions, though...except for paleo people, none of whom I know. I have no sympathy for paleo, given that it's a choice that doesn't mesh with my cooking style or my knowledge of the actual Paleolithic, so I would probably just invite those people for another activity.

How Do You Plan a Dinner Party with Guests Who Follow Different Diets? Good Questions
3/15/13 04:30 PM

So cute...but so tiny! Are those kids' lunches?

Pinterest Stays Sensible: 20 Well-Rounded and Perfectly-Packed Lunches
3/14/13 09:30 AM

For me, it has to be filling and cheap and contain *a* fruit or vegetable. That usually means pb&j on homemade bread and a piece or two of fruit, or maybe if I'm being extravagant, a sandwich with avocado, grated carrot, and salad greens. Although theoretically pb&j is not the most "healthy" choice, salad itself doesn't fill me up well enough, grain and legume salads can have bad digestive effects, and I usually don't have access to a microwave during the day.

What Makes a Healthy Lunch? Reader Discussion
3/12/13 12:58 PM

Substitutes for cereal! That's the one oversweetened, super-processed food I can't wean myself off of, and when I see it on sale at the supermarket, it is way more appetizing than a week of homemade oatmeal. ARE there other sweet, filling, non-dairy breakfasts that are quick but more interesting than oatmeal?

Welcome to Breakfast Week at The Kitchn! 3 Square Meals (Plus Dessert)
3/4/13 07:38 AM

Anything tastes good with a leg of lamb. Seriously.

As for my plans, Saturday night I'm going to make the cabbage, cauliflower, & cheddar pasta that I've had bookmarked for months. Sometime this weekend I'd like to make vegan blueberry banana muffins. And that's about it, I'm trying not to get swamped with leftovers this week.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of February 22-23, 2013
3/1/13 07:42 PM

Don't over-plan. I am worst about wasting food when I plan to cook more meals than we can finish in a week. This is a big temptation if you don't have time to go to the grocery store more than once a week, but I guess the solution is having some pantry/freezer basics around in case you underestimate.

Any tips for saving all the vegetable ends that are supposedly good for stock, but take up a lot of space if you're accumulating in a small freezer? (Things like kale stems and leek tops are kind of bulky.)

6 Habits to Prevent Food Waste
2/21/13 08:25 AM

Is this the correct video?

Tip: Quickly Peel a Head of Garlic...With Your Microwave CHOW
2/21/13 08:21 AM

Is hummus with texture something that actually bothers people? It hadn't occurred to me that this would be a problem in need of a solution.

Smitten Kitchen's Tip for Incredibly Smooth Hummus: Have You Tried It?
2/19/13 03:47 PM

I feel silly for not thinking of this already. I'm always just letting onion and garlic skins pile up on the counter while I cook and then sweeping them off into the garbage when they annoy me too much.

Garbage Bowls: Why We Love This Underappreciated Kitchen Tool
2/19/13 09:06 AM

Crock pot polenta! Brilliant, I am looking that up right now.

I'm still eating through all the groceries I bought before the snowstorm last week, so my cooking plans are not ambitious. Tonight I threw together some pasta with kale, onions, tomato sauce, and gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese, and I'll probably be making the Smitten Kitchen baked ranchero eggs again because there's some sauce and black beans in the fridge. Other than that, leftovers.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of February 16-18, 2013
2/15/13 08:46 PM

Snowed in - going out plans for the weekend canceled! Stocked up at the store yesterday though, and the power is fine. I made oatmeal butterscotch bars and a loaf of bread yesterday, dinners this weekend will be pizza one day and black bean tostadas with sweet potato and cabbage slaw on the other, and maybe we'll have huevos rancheros or pumpkin cinnamon rolls for brunch tomorrow.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of February 9-10, 2013
2/9/13 01:21 PM

I was pretty into broccoli, cauliflower, and kale for a couple months, but now the first two aren't on sale anymore...sigh. I think we've hit that point of northern winter where you can still get cabbage and kale and some root vegetables fairly cheap, but you maybe need a bit of a break from them.

I'm liking bread baking right now, and revisiting old recipes that I really like. Just comfort food.

Winter Cooking: What Are You Excited to Cook With Right Now?
2/4/13 02:33 PM

A loaf of bread to replace the one the dog ate today (I didn't know he could jump that high!), tomato and red pepper soup for dinner tomorrow, maybe pao de queijo with it...and who knows, maybe nothing on Sunday, I might just get bar food.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of February 2-3, 2013
2/1/13 10:06 PM

I've been enjoying making a lot of new recipes in the last few months, especially since I got a couple of great cookbooks as gifts...but it's gotten expensive and hard to keep up with the leftovers. Also, if you're always cooking new stuff you don't have time to make the recipes you already discovered that you loved! I'm trying to get back to only buying what I need, having simpler meals sometimes, and revisiting some old favorites myself for a bit.

On Being Ok With Boring
1/29/13 09:07 PM