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People, it's just a cat, an animal. Had a cat like this once. My wife would never let me discipline the thing so I got rid of both of them. Well, actually they both left after I hooked the electric fencer up to the TP holder. I thought it was a great Idea. Works great on the cows but I did not tell her in time. The fencer will do the job though. Not as bad as a bug zapper, but cats will never go near the TP roll twice. Another solution that I had not seen anyone mention yet - Put the dang cat outside, remember? cat / animal = outside..... duh? Think I'm cruel? I would never put a litter box in a small room that is not vented AND has mold from high humidity (see previous posts), then force folks who are in dire stress to occupy???? C'mon people, THINK!

Help! How Can I Stop My Toilet Paper Shredding Cat?
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1/3/12 12:59 AM