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I unknowingly lived with a lot of mold for 2 years and got very sick, sick to the point I thought I had developed an immune system disease of some kind. The place had just a bit of black mold showing on the windows, pink mold in the tub, and both black and pink on the grout....then the living room wall fell down from water coming in through the roof that the landlord delayed fixing. I moved out right away, and will avoid a mouldy apartment in the future. My advice? Get out if possible and find a new home; cheap rent isn't worth it. At the very least, keep an eye on your health. Your entire bathroom may be full of mold which can cause countless problems for you physically.

Is Blackish Mold in Shower THE Black Mold? Good Questions
3/27/14 08:33 AM

I get my essential oils from a couple of shops that carry aromatherapy grade oils, or from the following website: I buy the actual oils, not fragrance oils, and use them for all kinds of cleaning, custom perfume, air spray, bug spray, bath oils, body scrubs, sore body bits....etc etc

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1/11/13 10:36 AM

That is a great idea, lepidoptery!

You could always add a band of thick satin, or some other fabric, that could pool on the floor. About $150-200 and you would have your curtains!

Source For Orange Velvet Curtains Like
Ina Garten's? Good Questions

8/30/12 09:49 PM

The curtains you would like are lovely! I had heavy cotton curtains in this colour (old Pier 1 shower curtains used as window curtains) and found they gave the room an orange glow. I finally swapped them out for lighter coloured curtains as it was like always living in a sunset. Unless you have a light blocking lining in them, they will probably make your room glow when the sun shines through.

Over the last 6 or 7 years, I found silk bead trimmed pillows in this colour, an Ikea off-white and burnt orange carpet, slightly paler orange crushed velour (about 5CAD/m, which would make great drapes), deep orange chiffon with skinny shades of pink lines on it (about 3CAD/m, made into a shower curtain) and burnt orange fake silk damask that looks identical to the real thing (about 3CAD/m, which would also make great curtains). I picked up the velour about 2 years ago, the chiffon about 3 years ago, and the fake silk about 6 months ago, all from Fabricland in Ontario, Canada.

The colour is out there and is quite hard to find in a variety of fabric, let alone trying to find it in silk velvet (and nothing hangs quite the same way as silk velvet). The colour is amazing to live with as it is so warm and friendly although, personally, I doubt I will make curtains out of it again. I currently have a blend of the burnt orange, raspberry, black/white/dark gray, mustard, and turquoise in a pale gray living room and love it.

Finally, I think sun rots silk, if I remember correctly, which means you would need to be quite careful of it in the window. I had a silk embroidered shawl in a window a number of years ago that faded very fast and wound up with holes in it. You may want to look into the care of silk velvet. Imitation fabrics may not hang quite as well but may well be far more durable, cheaper, and worth the trade-off.

Finally, depending on the fabric you select, you may be able to use iron-on tape to do your own hemming and use clips of some kind to avoid sewing all together. A fabric shop with a drapery section should be able to help you with this. If you were to settle with a crushed velour, the fabric doesn't need any kind of hem (it is a nightmare to sew, and the raw cut edge will just curl in a little bit), can be cut to size, then easily hung up with some clips. I have often seen it on sale for about 5CAD/m, which is very cheap.

Have fun, and good luck! :)

Source For Orange Velvet Curtains Like
Ina Garten's? Good Questions

8/30/12 08:06 PM

I don't have a screen door leading out to the roof top deck so got a spring tension rod, stuck it in the doorway, and hung a cheap ikea net curtains on it, and a couple of narrow (about 8 inches wide) fabric panels on the side for looks, with wider black cotton panels to draw across the doorway for privacy (skinny panel, wide panel, net, wide panel, skinny panel). It is easy to push the curtains around on the rod, depending on what I want covering the doorway. It even looks better in the winter time with the door closed. Sometimes I tie the net in a knot near the bottom to let the cats run in and out. Here are the curtains:

The window in the hallway doesn't have a screen either so I have a long lace curtain in front of that window. The odd bug comes in (as does the neighbour's cat) but it doesn't happen that often.

Keeping Bugs Out with Windows Open? Good Questions
5/17/12 07:18 PM

I haven't seen this one suggested yet... What about something to cover up just the orange tiles? AT has some sticker-type temporary cover-ups shown here in this post partway down the page: These are quite pricey but you may be able to find something comparable to cover up the orange tiles.

Maybe the cover-up idea could be adapted some way... I attached plain white garbage bags to the back of my fish tanks using olive oil. They looked good through the water, didn't smell bad even though I used olive oil, and held up for about 8 years, until I pulled them off a short while ago. Maybe you could find some light weight coloured plastic film, cut it to size, then attach it over the orange tiles. Maybe try attaching one with oil and see what happens. I think I read about attaching film to windows with a bit of liquid soap too...maybe do a bit of research if you like this idea. If the plastic film had a bit of turquoise or robins egg blue in it, it would blend well with the blue and get rid of some of the south western motif. The blues may be easier to work with once they are alone and not contrasting with orange.

If you keep your accessories in mostly white with a bit of black, it should help to neutralize the kitchen and blend in the appliances. As well, a graphic or striped carpet, floor cloth, or mat in black and white will break up the redness of the tile. Personally, I think your tile floor is a lovely neutral but can also understand if it is not to your taste. Once you get rid of the orange tiles in the back splash, I would imagine the tile floor may not look so vibrant.

I truly empathize with you over the cupboards. I lived with them in a previous place and just about ripped my nails off countless times trying to open them. The earlier suggestion of painting the wood and installing handles is fabulous, if your landlord would agree to do so.

Happy decorating!

Ways To Pull This Rental Kitchen Together?
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4/5/12 11:26 PM

I finished re-upholstering an Edwardian sofa myself last weekend, complete with re-doing the down-filled cushion. Sofa = easy to do. Cushion = not so easy and I don't want to do another one! The previous fabric on the sofa was okay, just worn and I didn't like it, so I went over the top of it with "new" fabric, attaching it with tiny nails and hot glue. I used two old Ikea cotton duvet covers I found at Value Village for about $12 all total to re-cover it. I doubt the fabric will last long but figured I am not out anything but a bit of time as the fabric was so cheap. Also, I have never covered a sofa before and didn't want to have to toss out $100 worth of fabric if I screwed up. It turned out super well, and the pattern is busy enough to cover the only pucker I made. It took about 15 hours, and was well worth doing as I love my sofa! I have re-upholstered most all of my furniture, and it really isn't that hard to do as long as you are handy and patient.

As well, a friend of mine just had two of her sofas professionally re-upholstered. They look fabulous! Re-covering is well worth doing if you like the shape and comfort of your existing couch, especially if you can do it yourself and save cash that way.

Reupholster Sofas or Buy New?
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3/14/12 07:53 PM

What about having the couch you already own and love re-upholstered in fabric that matches your home rather than looking for something new? It will probably be cheaper than a new sofa.

Pondering the Meaning of the American Sofa NPR
2/27/12 07:22 PM