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@BSL100: the soundlink sounds equal regardless if run from batteries or from mains. if compared to the s715i the soundlink has deeper reaching and more powerful bass even when the s715i is run from mains. if run from battery, there is just no comparison. the soundlink has a more powerful deeper sound and maximum volume is higher at the same time.

the s715i has brighter treble though. the soundlink sounds a bit muffled. you can try to push treble a bit with "equalizer" app for iphone. i am quite satisfied with "equalizer" as it allows decent control over frequencies. the original apple EQ-presets are pretty useless.
overall i would call the sound of the soundlink more refinded. the s715i sounds a bit harsh and ordinary.

when used outside i can't complain about the soundlink's sound. it is powerful with enough base and good clarity, outside the s715i sounds pretty lost, it is only in smaller rooms and lower levels where the soundlink lacks a bit of treble and where bass can start sounding boomy, but with cranked treble through the equalizer-app this is not such an issue anymore.

the s715i would be a decent portable speaker, especially considering the price, but the built-in battery is too weak, breaking down after 30 minutes at maximum volume. i had a look inside once and the battery is a simple pack consisting of 3xAA batteries with 1800mAh. For comparison: the Soundlink battery has 23Ah!

The Soundlink is surely overpriced, but so far i have not found any better alternative.

Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker
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1/9/12 11:09 AM

Regarding Monter's Beatbox: Try the Audyssey South of market Dock instead, it sounds better to my ears (especially at lower listening levels, where the Beatbox loses too much power) and has an even deeper bass, is smaller, has Bluetooth and speakerphone capability and is about 299 now!

Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker
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12/29/11 04:25 PM

The soundlink doesn't sound best when cranked up to the max with the source turned rather low as described in the review. It sounds best up to 70% of its maximum volume, up from there it reduces bass level considerably and compresses peaks to avoid distortion. It is better to max out the volume on the player and control the volume on the speaker itself.
It is definitely not up to audiophile standard but given it's size and portability it is the best you can get yet.

Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker
Unplggd Test Lab

12/29/11 04:19 PM