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Tickle me orange, because I just love this room! Joy, you have a great eye for design as well as styling. Your gallery wall is by far one of the best I have ever seen, it's so put together and personal! What a great place to sit back and relax. Love it!

Joy's "Neutrals with Orange Pops" Room
10/14/10 09:58 AM

Hi Andrea,

My husband and I lived in a similar studio in brooklyn heights. Here is a link to our space to help you out!

Furniture Layout Ideas for My New Studio? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
4/9/10 07:07 PM

It's Gretchen! Glass chair and sofa both purchased from IKEA:)

Apartment Therapy New York | Steven Gretchen's Airy Studio House Call
10/2/09 02:29 PM

Peggy, the photo above the credenza is a painting a friend did back for me in High School. I love it so much, it's gone with me every move I've made :)


Apartment Therapy New York | Steven Gretchen's Airy Studio House Call
7/23/09 04:24 PM

Gretchen here, I'm back to answer a few more questions about my space.

I had some comments about the organizing of the space and to be honest, I'm just not a hoarder and we have only what we need and use because who need 12 pots and pans or 6 sets of towels when you only use only 2 (see my point). We have an organized closet, under the bed storage and a large pantry in the entry that holds the "odds and ends" of the home. I even started a small home organizing and decorating business called "O.C.D." short for Organize. Concept. Design. that helps clients let go of the clutter so they can live and love their home again, it's quite edifying for me:)

My husband and I are also in transition mode, we have been married for almost two years and we both have moved (separately) three times (cross country) in the last 7 years. So to invest in nice quality furniture in our 20's and current life stage isn't really for us, which is why there a lot of IKEA. Speaking of IKEA, it's more of a style than a low price tag to me. I guess I could get the same white lacquer bookcase from West Elm or Design Within Reach and pay a few hundred dollars more for it, but why would I?

There were some comments about the furniture and...

-Coffee table is West Elm- this is a finish they had a few seasons ago (cinnabar lacquer I believe)

-Lampshades - IKEA (Holla:)

-Artwork - Always looking...

-My Grammar - Let's just say I speak a language called "Gretchen" only a few understand :)

Have a nice day!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Steven Gretchen's Airy Studio House Call
7/23/09 12:29 PM

Hi, Gretchen Smith here.

Thanks for all the feedback from my posting. I'm a believer that all feedback is positive feedback.

Here are a few answers to your questions...

About the IKEA... Maybe it's a bit much, but I happen to like IKEA furniture. My husband and I just moved 7 weeks ago from our other tiny apartment in Santa Monica, and since the furniture fit... we just went with it:)

About that view... Here are a few pics taken from our window. I only had 5 pics to send into AT for my application so I had to pic the "best design shots". For those who want to see the view below.

The paint... The paint colors are from BEHR, bedroom color is "Dark Granite", Main color is "Anonymous" and Orange accent color is "New Brick"

Last question to address for tonight is the bedroom... Behind the bed is a two white stools and small table with my jewelry box on top. This area is our "dressing" area. See link below for pic.

We can sit and put out shoes on while I look for my favorite accessory to wear. If the bed was facing the living area it would stick out to far from where we close the curtains and we would lose the view.

Anyhoo, we did the best with what we have and what we knew to make it the best Apt for us :)

Gretchen Girl :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Steven Gretchen's Airy Studio House Call
7/22/09 09:08 PM

I entered my apartment into the "Small Cool" 2008 contest, but unfortunately more than 50% of the views didn't agree that it was very "Small and Cool". Looks like I'm going to need this book. Please, for the sake of my future home pick me :0)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: Autographed AT Presents Book
5/11/08 04:19 PM


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4/21/08 01:46 PM

Hi, it's me Gretchen.

I'm here to answer your questions...

I submitted a floor plan and the white brick fireplace, but have no idea why it wasn't uploaded?

The Kitchen appliances are covered in contact paper to cover the stained ugliness of apartment renting.

The bathroom was already dated and I just played it up into something that is fun and funky (my husband loves it, who knows:)

For the bedroom I bought the curtains at Ikea and pillows at pottery barn ( no window behind, just for fun).

We are allowed to paint in our apartment as long as we prime it white when we move out.

As for being a newlywed it's hard to tell the man you love, that you also love his college furniture!!!

Thanks for the comments! Cheers!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #9: Gretchen's "The Place I Call Home"
4/11/08 10:05 AM