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I moved from a large city to a small mountain town in Far Northern California. Here are some of the things I never considered before moving:

1. Bears & Trash. I have to keep my trash can in the garage all the time and get up really early on trash day to take it out, otherwise the bears get into it and make a huge mess. Not to mention, I don't really want to tangle with a 200 pound bear.

2. Tweakers. I've lived in plenty of cities where there were good blocks and not-so-good blocks, but here it can be house to house. And while the crime rate here is much lower, we still have our share of violent crime. Usually though, the parties involved knew each other, so I'm not terribly worried.

3. Police. On the subject of crime, I live in a unincorporated part of the county and our police protection is provided by the sheriff's office. They have a sub-station in our town, but it's not staffed 24/7. Over night, a call to 911 might take 20 minutes for a response.

4. Going anywhere. I can't just walk down to the store/coffee shop/cleaners. It's 5+ miles to the nearest store and 25+ to a city of any size.

All that being said, I do love where I live. I can come home at night and the air is so clean and there are a million stars. It is beautiful and peaceful and such a change from the city.

Life In The Country: The Stories The Pictures Don't Tell
7/17/14 12:15 PM

My parents had a lovely wood dining room table when we were kids. My mother had the table pads that she would put on the table when she would use a table cloth, but for everyday use she had two large pieces of glass (one for each half) that sat on the table and then we used cloth placemats on top. It was a nice look and cleaned up easily.

What's Better: Vinyl or Cloth Placemats? Good Questions
7/10/14 10:54 AM

When my husband and I got married, we both had well established households. We didn't have a big wedding, (it wasn't my first) and didn't register for gifts.

However, our parents really wanted to give us something that we really wanted and would be practical. We decided on an awesome set of J.A. Henckels knives and a set of Calphalon un-coated pots and pans. Almost 20 years later we still have them and still love them. I am really pleased that I didn't get the non-stick coating. My Calphalon looks almost new still and I use it a lot. I love that the manufacturer's instructions were to scrub it with Comet.

Upgrade-Worthy: 5 Cheap Household Items Worth Replacing (When You Can)
7/10/14 01:12 AM

Check out your landlord. If he's on his way to jail, there will most likely be problems.

My son and daughter-in-law rented from a guy who was on his way to jail for DUI at the time they signed the lease. He wasn't really good at paying the mortgage and when he went back to jail (a second time, another DUI) he wanted them to buy the house for what he stilled owed which was twice what it was worth. After they moved out, he came up with a BS list of repairs as a way to keep their deposit. They were just glad to be done with him.

5 Things to Run Away From as a Renter Renters Solutions
7/2/14 12:52 PM

I've moved back and forth across the country a number of times. Here are my tips for moving:

1. Buy the filing boxes at an office supply store for books. You can't over fill them and make them too heavy and what ever you need to put in storage can be organized and stacked neatly.

2. Plastic bins with lids. I bought a bunch of large plastic bins for a move across the country. Like the file boxes, their consistent size makes it easy to stack them and they last forever. I still have most of them, 8 years later. They have come in handy in so many ways.

3. Label everything on all sides. Then no matter how it's stacked, you'll be able to see what it is without having to move everything on top of it. I used sticky labels for the bins so labels could be removed later and the bins reused.

4. Number your boxes. I kept a notebook with me while packing and would list the contents of each box on a page. When I moved from the Mid-West to California, I moved from a large house into an apartment for 6 months and had a lot of stuff in storage. Knowing where stuff was in the storage locker when I would need it made the trips there much easier.

Smart Tips for People Who Move Frequently
6/11/14 11:28 AM

There was a trend in the 80's in the US for bulk sections in grocery stores. There are a few stores that still have them like Winco here in California.

I think people got wigged out about food contamination by improper handling of the food by other customers and it slowly disappeared. Personally, I love the idea. There's just two of us and I don't need the family-sized, mega-jumbo, will definitely go bad or we'll be so fricking sick of it size of anything.

Is This What Grocery Stores Will Look Like in the Future? Food news
5/31/14 02:05 PM

If you replace the sink, there will be holes, and possibly damage, to the tile that might not be covered by the new sink. That seems like a choice for a bigger bath reno.

I would ask your landlord if would be ok for you to freshen up the bath since you'll probably be there for a while. Your ideas are simple and don't drastically alter the bathroom. My only question is if there is other storage in the bathroom? You'll need to put all your personal stuff somewhere.

Changing the faucet is pretty easy and like KaBoomBOX suggested you won't need a plumber, just a handyman and they could probably help with the mirror as well. And, if it were me, I'd paint the wall in there that lovely dark blue color from your shower curtain.

Options for Tiny Sink/Enormous Faucet Combo? Good Questions
5/30/14 12:26 PM

The chairs at Harvey's desk are Brno. The side chairs are not. The Brno has a rounded front and the sides are open in the back. The metal sides of the chairs in the photos are a complete rectangle. They look like a reproduction of the Milo Baughman. The Baughman's have an armrest pad. Hard to tell from the pictures if these chairs have the pads or not.

Can You Identify This Armchair from Suits? Good Questions
5/23/14 01:32 PM

There are several great varnish strippers available on the market. (I just recently use Formby's) They make quick work of stripping the old varnish off of so you can start from new. With flat doors it will go really quick.

Should I Restore 40s Maple Doors or Paint? Good Questions
5/22/14 10:17 AM

I don't get this. I would freeze!!! I'm perfectly happy with a shower that keeps the heat in.

Bathroom Trend: A Tub Inside The Shower
2/12/14 06:48 PM

I agree about the white walls. I had a similar bathroom with white walls and yellowish tan and black tiles. The walls were white and I found a white shower curtain with black pinstripes and a black rug. I had some black and white photos up on the walls. Don't put up expensive photos, find some poster images you like.

Paint Color & Shower Curtain Suggestions for Classic '50s Bathroom? Good Questions
2/11/14 11:55 AM

California and the US Geological Survey start measuring their "water year" on October 1 through September 31. Here in northern CA we usually get rain from October to May and then nothing all summer.

I am in a mountain community in the Sierra Nevada about 4 hours northeast of San Francisco. We have received 7 inches of rain since October. We should have received at least 40. Annually we receive about 70 inches, with most of it coming in the winter.

Drought Mindfulness: Six Water-Saving Reminders Water Use It Wisely
2/6/14 04:57 PM

First of all, I'd like to say that after looking at your Pintrest boards, I want to rent your apartment, whatever you decide! Cool style.

I liked the idea of including the back door in the bathroom. You'll be able to rework the floor plan and include some storage and a washer/dryer in the bath. Make the back garden a nice private zen-like

I hope to see photos on Apartment Therapy when you're finished.

Where Would You Put the Bedroom? Good Questions
1/20/14 11:00 PM

I would look for a small bath wall cabinet to set on the counter top. You could drill a hole in the back or side to run the power into the cabinet. I like the bread box idea, especially a metal one, but wasn't finding on that would be tall enough for the toothbrush or water-pik.

Tips for Organizing Bathroom Counter? Good Questions
1/20/14 09:34 PM

Someone else mentioned lead paint. If your house was built before 1977, most likely it has some lead paint. You really don't want your kids around the dust.

Environmental Protection Agency

NY State Health Department

How Can We Stay in Our House During a Remodel and Not Lose Our Minds? Good Questions
1/16/14 11:10 PM

I have an office that appears to be about the same size. I bought a daybed with a pop-up trundle on Craigslist. I hates the frame that went around three sides of the bed so I took the mattress base and added wooden legs. Now it looks like a single twin bed in the room but when you pull out the trundle and pop it up you have another twin bed. You can also push them together for a king sized bed as well.

I wanted the flexibility of being able to have both couples and single friends stay with us.

This isn't the bed I have but it is a similar set up -

What Bed Works Best for My Home Office? Good Questions
12/19/13 12:36 PM

cbreynolds - I love your gingerbread house idea (and Mies van der Rohe!) We don't do presents either.

Idea Exchange: What's Your Christmas Present Opening Tradition?
12/19/13 12:15 PM

For a scratching post, get a Stolmen post from Ikea and cover with rope. My cats love it.

How To: Insulate Hot Pipes with Rope
12/6/13 05:29 PM

I don't get the appeal of the double sink. My husband and I get ready at the same time but never seem to need the sink at the same time. We've had a double sink in the bath for the last 14 years and we only really use one of them. I'd rather have the counter space.

I look at some of these baths and wonder where people put stuff while they're getting ready.

Built for Two: Inspiration for Bathrooms with Double Sinks
11/27/13 12:27 AM

What a smug post. Why do you have to be right? If it's the right person, you'll find a happy medium, if not go off on your lonely, uncluttered way.

I'm not sure why he'd want you to move back in. Probably the most useless, self-centered post I've ever read on AT.

When a Minimalist Meets a Pack Rat...
11/1/13 12:06 AM