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Very challenged by letting go of things after moving from 3-bedroom house to 1-bedroom apartment. (Good move, personally, but too much stuff). I lost my mother when I was young and it is especially difficult to let go of family historical artifacts that I inherited even though I cannot use them and have no place for them. Honestly, where do people who live in small spaces with no storage put their stuff? Does no one still have their HS yearbooks? Sometimes I get the feeling that people on AT still store most of their things at their parents' house...

How do you let go of:
Your mother's wedding dress
Boxes of your grandparents photos, even when you don't know who most of the people are
Vintage gowns from the '50s from your mother and your favorite aunts who have passed away
Your journals that you kept from the time you were six years old
Baby clothes that your mother saved from you and your siblings that are not a current style that anyone with a baby would want

Where do you store your:
Increadiblyheavybox of yearbooks

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