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We had our first Yard Sale last weekend and although it was great, we ran into a few things:
1. We only advertised on Craigslist and put out a few signs for directions through our neighborhood.
2. People come EARLY. Even if you said No Early Birds. About an hour before we were starting, people starting hovering at the end of our driveway.
3. Once we opened, it was a MAD DASH. Kind of scary! People grabbed everything they could and made their "pile" that they would then go thru and decide what they wanted. All of our organization went to waste!
4. People try to peel off price tags and get a cheaper deal. I live somewhere humid and we had a
lot of glassware, so at first, we thought the labels just weren't sticking. But then, someone came up to buy something that obviously had a nail scratched through the number.
2. People steal stuff. Little items, big items... It didn't matter. Some would go to pay and decided not to buy everything, but still try to walk off with it. We caught a few people. Other times we just didn't notice. We were not prepared with manpower (there were only 3 of us.) We had no idea what to expect.

Overall, it was very successful and we just hope karma comes back to those people :)

How To Sell Your Stuff: Tips For A Super Successful Yard Sale
2/1/12 02:18 PM

I have the same exact situation! I will closing on a smallish 775 sqft condo next month. The first thing I'm doing is paint and lighting because I think this will make the biggest difference. I also keep reading about reflective surfaces and illusions.

In the living room area I am going to try a large mirror, window-pane mirror, or multiple mirrors. I would love to do a smaller version the 3rd photo here:

For the windowless kitchen, I think I am going to update the under-cabinet lighting & add a silver/steel subway tile backsplash for a good light reflection. I also may try lighting over the cabinets... I can't wait to hear other suggestions!

Help for Long, Narrow Condo?
Good Questions

1/27/12 10:13 AM