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we use a rocker in our house, but that's largely because my mother-in-law was gracious enough to hand over a rocking chair that's been in the family since her grandfather built it, when the family was still living in Ireland. it's more of a craftsman issue to me, since I work with my hands and like the idea of building a rocking chair on your own and having that sense of heritage, but ive visited many a nursery that have gliders and they seem to do the job, more or less. just my two cents.

Is a Glider or Rocker a Nursery Necessity? Nesting a Nursery
3/12/12 04:28 PM

I'm not sure if it's cool or sad that i know more than one person with an R2D2-designed trashcan and another friend with an H.G. Giger-inspired mural in his bathroom. The Enterprise coffee table must be the penultimate salute to geekdom that I've seen recently, however. Cheers!

Geek Chic Design: Where Do You Draw The Line?
1/30/12 01:55 PM

Such a cool idea. It'd be neat if you tried dying the pages of the books or encyclopedias as well to match the decor. Gives you more range but it looks great here as is. Great job.

DIY Book Page Wallpaper
Kara Paslay Designs

1/26/12 02:04 PM

I also love how this looks like a great deal of library "showcase" shelves. great way to not only save space but to give a littles sense of comfort with the library to young readers. well done!

Make These Space Saving Bookshelves
Tried and True

1/23/12 05:02 PM