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one of your links is broken, but for instructions on tying the basic knot, check out the International Guild of Knot Tyers for a 'turkshead knot' and look for the ones that lay flat. (the IGKT has been mentioned on Apartment Therapy elsewhere)

Nautical Knotted Rope Rug: Perfect As A Bath Mat!
9/26/12 05:31 PM

Those beds are AWESOME. But before replicating the rope railing in the staircase, check with local building codes. I made the mistake of installing one to find out that they are not permitted as a primary rail because they are too flexible. There needed to be a rigid rail that the rope could accent.. just a public service announcement.. but they do look AWESOME. If you do make one, look up a 'manrope knot' as a finish to the end for a true maritime fit and finish.

Not Just Nautical: Rope Accents at Home
9/26/12 05:26 PM

I'm a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers. They have GREAT resources. You could also look for 'Animated Knots' to see instructions to tie this and other decorative knots. Even a well placed bowline or cleat could add a nautical accent to finish a room.

The Ocean Plait Rug
Hand-Tie One Yourself

9/26/12 05:23 PM

don't forget the marine consignment, sailing club swamp meets, and places like that. You can find vintage charts for a song..The aged looks actually can add intest

Sourced: Nautical Charts for Wall Art
9/26/12 03:49 PM

nice pieces. I've enjoyed looking at the local marine consignment shop for decorative elements that have the aged patina.

Summer Boat Load: Nautical Themed Products for Your Home
9/26/12 03:34 PM

Wow, the hot glue trick makes those dead simple. For a more authentic approach, you can find upholstery needles at your craft store and stitch the layers together, but for the time investment, your glue technique looks just as good; just keep them away from steam radiators, the stove, or anywhere else you are concerned about re-melting the glue.

Make DIY Rope Containers On The Cheap The Gilded Hare
9/26/12 03:31 PM

That looks about right. Ever since joining Pinterest, our meals have become much more flavorful. I never knew rainbow was a food group

Pinterest Food Groups: What We Eat, According to Pinterest
12/17/11 10:20 PM