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my husband and I took a cruise for our honeymoon. Every night we would visit a little piano bar and drink martinis and dance. Our last night on the boat, our cocktail waitress made us some tiny champagne chairs with a table and tiny paper flowers sitting on a coaster with a sweet note. It is one of our favorite things.

The Perfect Post-New Year's Craft: Champagne Chairs
1/4/12 01:49 AM

You could paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than your wall color, or blue like the sky.:)

Should We Paint Our Vaulted Ceiling?
Good Questions

1/1/12 07:06 PM

Don't use a magic eraser!!!! Magic erasers are microabrasive, which will scratch and leave the glass cloudy forever. Wait, maybe the previous tenants used one??? Try rubbing alcohol.

How To Clean Hard-To-Clean Windows?
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12/17/11 10:07 PM