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Great conversations! I'm a licensed Architect, and didn't know about the NCIDQ certification. I did take interiors courses at school, and the interior architecture program students took classes in how to structure a building, and how to work with mechanical and plumbing. Everybody comes with lots of skills in their bucket - you need to find the right person with the skills you need to accomplish the job, and give you the support you need to make it happen. That could be everything from planning and budgeting to design and construction on a large house complex - or just giving you a plan to execute with your own labor on a small decorating project.
What the consumer really needs to know is:
1) Different licenses and certifications have different standards of care that are enforced. If it matters to you, do the research. Lots of people out there are calling themselves Architects. Some of them are. Some of them have gone to school, but not gotten the license. A few of them are fly-by-nights out to get you.
2) Always do your research before hiring any sort of professional - their track record. Their finances (do they have liens on them on previous projects for not paying subcontractors?). Any complaints filed against them? The internet makes this so much easier, but picking up the phone, following through on the references the professional gives you is very important.
3) Follow all the published guidelines on hiring someone: how to set up the contract to protect yourself and the contractor/designer. What are the deadlines for the work? What is the price? How with the money be distributed? etc. A good guideline is from the American Institute of Architects: http://info.aia.org/blast_images/mrkt/brochure_wtw_yaya.pdf

What's the Difference? Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator
1/16/14 04:19 PM

So amazing how an old fashioned business like this re-invented itself for the online world. I would love to tour this place some day! Thanks for posting

A Visit to Replacements, LTD Factory Tour
1/14/14 07:29 PM

Nice! Since you live in a shared living environment, did you have to secure your landlord's permission to do this? What do they think about it?

Before & After: This Blah Balcony Goes Bold
11/20/13 08:32 PM

Any chance you could post some pics? Not following things too clearly, although maybe I haven't had enough coffee.

Make this Homemade Holiday Gift:

11/11/13 01:58 PM

#4 - I think that bed IS in a bathtub. Which is only for emergencies, right?

#5 - It has some magic to it. Yes, it's one great big space, no walls, you'd be bathing in front of your honey (where's the bad?). But I'm sorry: you gotta have some sort of safety railing on any sort of funky stair like that. You have the flu, you have to "go", and you are dizzy - talk about a recipe for disaster!

5 Cool Hidden Beds for Small Spaces
11/6/13 09:41 PM

Curve Appeal - Carrara Mosaic. This is a classic pattern that would add timeless appeal to a house I may someday own!

Win: Luxury Mosaic Tile from
Mission Stone and Tile Giveaway

10/18/13 01:52 PM

Um... how can she center the bed on the wall? Typically a queensized bed is longer (6'8") than it is wide (5'), and that bed was barely fitting in the width of the room.

Please, show me how this is done! Thanks!

By the way - loved the cabinets... I suppose they could have also been used as side tables in the living room? But I like the whole glass and fur thing she has going there.

Would you ever suggest, for an apartment that small, to have the dining table on wheels?

Ask Maxwell: How to Fit a Home Office into a Small Space Apartment Therapy Videos
9/30/13 08:35 PM

Wow. I'd say the Upholsterer earned that fee, especially if the cost included materials. I love the re-structuring of the back - makes it look so much more comfortable.

Nice job!

Before & After: John's Craigslist Miracle
8/29/13 06:35 PM

Maybe it's the lighting... but the blue doesn't look "Tiffany" to me. A little cold. The blue of the Tiffany's box has a spark of warmth to it. A tiny bit of green.

And if it was going to be a Tiffany's make over, where are the MR-16 lights for sparkle? It needs a touch more bling. It's got the elegance, but now you need to revel in some sparkle to call it a Tiffany's project.

But that's me. It's definitely a HUGE improvement over what was there before.

Before & After: Breakfast in Tiffany's
8/28/13 03:24 PM

Yes to all that have brought up the thermal "delights" of single pane steel windows. I doubt they are even legal in California unless they exist in the building already. If you get a "thermally broken" double pane window be it in aluminum or steel, you are going to lose the light, thin nature of what makes traditional steel windows so attractive.

So - what to do? I'd say use them in a landscape wall, or part of a fence or outdoor, non-conditioned structure like a potting shed. Other than that - be prepared to freeze!

Simply Stunning: Steel Windows & Doors
8/27/13 05:25 PM

Really? White reflects anything around it. You've got trees outside your window, you've got green walls. You have wood floors and ceilings, you've got yellow/brown walls. The color of white also changes depending on the time of year, the time of day, the direction the window is facing, and the weather. In short: it's tricky. It's LIVELY. It's either warm or cool, hot or freezing. Rarely is it white.

Day 6: Let's Learn About Color Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/8/13 04:42 PM

A lot of the county extension agencies around here started offering those little mosquito eating fish. That might be a good addition to the wading pool... you might have to watch out for the water quality though. I'm sure the little fish don't care for chlorine. Perhaps planting some water plants as well to shade the water and protect the fish from raccoons?

(Oiy. I'm doing it again. Taking a simple idea and making it too complex.)

The Ultimate DIY Container Garden: The Verdict Is In
7/18/13 02:37 PM

That is a gorgeous transformation - beautiful pink & the hardware just makes the color all the more luscious.

But - In the interest of "pretty" - if you can't get a Mac, or a laptop, I'd convert the drawers on the right into a pull-out shelf for accessing the tower. I mean - there's no room for your legs! You are going to have to sit side saddle at your desk. LOL!

Before & After: Curbside Trash Becomes Glam Desk
7/3/13 03:37 PM

Maxwell - I would have been tempted to have drapes across the entire wall, and frame a window height mirror in the wall space between the windows. Ah, symmetry!

Did you consider sliding panel coverings? ikea makes a nice looking unit that could be stacked over the space between the windows: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30079370/

Apartment Therapy on Covering Your Windows Renovation Diary
6/18/13 03:46 PM

kcar1 - what a great problem to have! I'm wondering, how much depth of frame to you have to work with: what is the dimension between the lower sash and the front of the trim? You may be able to hang some roman panel shades (there are lots of diy how-to's on the web) in that depth, and have a finished look while respecting your awesome trim.

My mother decorated our 1900's house with shears in that space, and larger drapes that extended beyond and above the window so you could see a lot of the trim when the drapes were drawn back. Our trim was painted, though, so it wasn't as important to show it off.

Apartment Therapy on Covering Your Windows Renovation Diary
6/18/13 03:39 PM

Could you please please please post the seat heights of the sofas you write about? This is the one statistic that is rarely given in dimension listing for sofas / love seats, and for those who are tall or who have visitors with arthritis, the seat height is crucial for even considering a sofa. I will not consider anything with a seat height at or below 15". This eliminates a LOT of sofas on the market!

And, since AT is gathering clout, could you encourage manufacturers to post the seat height as well? It just makes sense. Thanks!!!

Best Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds 2013 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
5/30/13 03:29 PM

All of these are great, but I worry a bit about #4. Are the moldings actually of wood (or MDF), and are they touching the fire box? I like to keep any wood product at least 6-9" away from the fire box enclosure (any metal pieces that are part of the doors, or a metal box from a pre-fabricated fireplace).

Weekend DIYs: 10 Wood Molding Projects for the Home
5/23/13 04:50 PM

I think furniture helps you envision how the room is used, and what size the rooms are. Without furniture, which you can quickly gauge the size of, you may not pick up on the narrowness of the 2nd bedroom or the shorter ceiling heights. But - it shouldn't look like trash.

Five Things I Learned About Real Estate From Reality TV
5/15/13 04:43 PM

I concur - without dimensions or a floor plan, advice is a bit meaningless. But in general:

I would go with a shared dressing/closet/hang out vibe in the bedroom, but really, keep the sleeping in separate spaces. We are adults - we snore, we grind our teeth, we have sex even when alone. (ahem)

Get a murphy bed for the living area, and take turns using the bedroom. Keep two bedside stands in the bedroom - perhaps on wheels?

If it turns out there is a nook in the livingroom that can be converted to a sleeping area, I'd do it. You wont be the only apartment in new york with the same issue, I'm sure!

How To Design Shared Bedroom For Two Single Ladies? Good Questions
4/29/13 03:39 PM

I am a collager and a collector. (Why do I feel as if I've stepped into a 12 step meeting?).

My sister gave me a compliment: she said "I know it's your pin even before I've checked to see your name..." Through all the pins, she can see my style. Which is amazing because I feel I have pretty eclectic tastes.

I've been exposed to more images through pinterest than I would have ever stumbled upon by my own web searches. And I've pinned a few pictures that have resonated with strangers across the globe. It's a powerful thing!


What Kind of Pinner Are You? 6 Types of Pinterest Users
4/23/13 02:07 PM