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Dang, girl.

Kitchen Before & After: A Super Budget Kitchen Makeover For $500 Kitchen Remodel
7/4/14 08:26 AM

Even if you do want to get rid of something, there are alternatives to the landfill! Glad you made use of what you had.

Before & After: An IKEA Nightstand Gets An Influx of Texture
6/17/14 09:02 AM

A closet is something you walk inside of it's a walk-in closet.

Before & After: Rita's Really (Really!) Amazing Closet Transformation
6/16/14 09:12 AM

It really makes your counter tops stand out, well done.

Before & After: A Small Beige Kitchen Gets an $80 Shake-up!
6/15/14 11:21 AM

Ha, let's make that a D'OH! decahedron. Misread!

Make Your Own Decahedron
Himmeli Mobile Aunt Peaches

5/25/14 09:40 PM

A dodecahedron has 12 sides.

Make Your Own Decahedron
Himmeli Mobile Aunt Peaches

5/25/14 09:18 PM

It's most likely a cat, given those big eye sockets and the little fangs. The bridge of it's nose is broken off.

Ax + Apple's Magic Factory Workspace Tour
5/4/14 10:35 AM

Stuff stuff stuff I need to expand my vocabulary :P

Material Ideas for Finishing Fire-Feature Wall? Good Questions
4/18/14 08:57 AM I am SO pleased with this stuff. You can get the misfits for super cheap, and their prices are otherwise very reasonable as well. Shipped safely and quickly, looks gorgeous, I love this stuff. So much easier and cheaper and DIY friendly than actual stone blocks.
Seriously you guys, this stuff is the best.

Material Ideas for Finishing Fire-Feature Wall? Good Questions
4/18/14 08:56 AM

Try living with a grease monkey. No matter how much he scrubs, there's always grease and motor oil and lord knows what else lingering in his callouses and finger prints. And all the doors and cupboards are white. You won't have the luxury of forgetting to clean those things!
Mean Green and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser are my saviors.

Small Spaces Boost: Clean 5 Forgotten Spots for a Fresher Feeling Home Today
4/12/14 11:30 AM

I love the wood grain laminate counters and back splash in my apartment. Mine have a much more linear pattern and are only vaguely wood grain, but I like them.

Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/10/14 09:29 PM

Fuzzy seats in the kitchen seems like trouble, and I would be so happy if my kitchen had an island, but I LOVE the blue black white copper and the art.

Before & After: Funky Kitchen Gets a New, Fearless Design
4/8/14 09:00 PM

I had never heard that before! That's an interesting and informative little tidbit.

5 Easy-to-Grow Container Plants Perfect for Making Teas
4/7/14 07:56 AM

I flippin hate it, but I flippin hate yellow. I love the idea and the step by step instructions, though. This is perfect for tiding a person over until the budget allows a more permanent upgrade.

Before & After: Alexa's Affordable Stenciled Vinyl Bathroom Floor Makeover
4/5/14 05:28 PM

I would like to see more of this house.

DIY Project Idea: Create a Queen-Size Headboard for $45
4/3/14 04:24 PM

While it's so much easier to clean carpet-less steps, I always feel more secure on steps with carpet. I dig the trim, this is such a simple and clever fix.

Before & After: Back Steps Become a Stairway of Heaven
4/2/14 08:04 AM

I was momentarily aghast! Then I remembered what day it is.

What Would You Do With These Large Windows? Good Questions
4/1/14 08:54 AM

Have someone clean it, and have someone give it a once over with clear coat.

Lead Paint on My Vintage Bar Cart!
Good Questions

4/1/14 08:05 AM

Well you don't need to shout.

Prouve Standard Chair in Black
3/31/14 09:41 PM

Put a picture of pointers in any room and it's an instant upgrade.

Before & After: Dana's Darling DIY Cottage Bathroom Update
3/30/14 07:08 PM