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I have an indoor/outdoor rug in my kitchen now. All I have to do is spot wipe as needed. I can take it out side and hose it down if it needs a more intense cleaning. It drys fast.

IKEA has tons opolypropylenene rugs for low prices. I've used one in the kitchen before. It's not quite as wipe and go as the indoor/outdoor flat weavbeausse it's fuzzy, but stilmanageablele. And it too can be hosed down for a deep clean.

Rugs in the Kitchen: Cozy or Icky?
3/7/12 01:59 PM

One of the most enjoyable movie theater experiences I have ever had was at a little movie theater somewhere in Copenhagen. The theater had rows of airline seats just like in this home theater. It was so comfortable! I always thought I would love to have a row of them in my home theater one day. I love that the theme was expanded to include the windows and bins. The bank of tech in the back corner fits in seamlessly.

The rest of the house is fantastic too!

Megan & Stephen's Off-the-Runway Estate Tech Tour
3/6/12 05:24 PM

We just snagged a vintage German (we did not notice the extra letters and symbols until we started playing with it!) typewriter for the kids from their great grandmother's garage sale. It's small scale, avocado green and is in perfect condition. It came with a new red/black ribbon. I had for gotten how pleasurable it is to use a type writer like this. The first time we heard the bell at the end of the line the kids were jumping up and down with excitement. We brought it home a week before Valentine's day and the kids filled the house with little love notes typed in red for the holiday.

Boredom Buster: Typewriter Time The Artful Parent
3/5/12 04:43 PM

Are you guys kidding? The before is a total piece of crap. The after looks great.

Battered Sideboard Goes Blue Primitive & Proper
3/2/12 06:27 PM

Beautiful house! Love the use of color balanced by all the white and natural light.
I'm inspired by the quirky objects and art throughout the home but still the sense of minimalist restraint. A very nice balance to pull off.
The bird cage light is something I want to try to imitate, DIY style, for my new baby's room. It's so fun!

Nicolas & Fabienne's Quirky and Colorful London Home
House Tour

2/28/12 04:42 PM

I love this.
I would have painted the lower cabinets too, and ruined the whole thing. I think keeping the lower cabinets white makes for a nice smooth flow of color, bright cheerful stripe of turquoise above and a white swath uniting the appliances and cabinets on the bottom.
I was not seeing the avocadoo working until a previous poster mentioned some color unifying curtains on the windows. That would look fabulous!
The diagonal checked floor looks modern and fresh with the bold colors. Truly inspirational to those of us on budget and stuck in the rental market for the foreseeable future.

Before & After: Bold Color in the Kitchen
2/28/12 04:20 PM

Our bathroom has had all of the tile reglazed. I can not say enough how wonderful the result has been. An added bonus? The grout was glazed too, making cleaning a breeze.

Can I Install Wainscoting Over Tile?
Good Questions

2/13/12 03:39 PM

Wow! I think it looks great. Definitely shabby chic (the painted hardware adds to that feel.) The piece did not seem to be a precious antique before, but rather a knock off like mentioned in the original blog post, made of basic pine.

For someone that did not have the experience of restoring furniture, and was even a bit afraid of painting, the project came out beautifully. I've never heard of the product mentioned that allows you to skip sanding, but it seems perfect for those of us with little time and experience but with the desire to paint up a terrific find (and doing it all while working around a baby bump!)

It seems to fit in the nook like it was made to order. I think after getting that nice gloss coat it will be perfect as a changing table, easy to wipe clean after the inevitable messes that will occur. Beautiful fabric choice on the pad. I like the idea of removing the door and adding a matching curtain, but I don't think it is absolutely necessary, after all, one hand can open a door just as easily as pushing back a curtain. The wooden latch may come in handy a year from now when you have a little explorer on your hands.

Before & After: From Antique Dry Sink into Changing Table
Taste{full} Life

2/8/12 12:10 PM

We just moved into a home with real wood paneling in the living room. My first thought was to paint it all white, thinking it would look like a beautiful bead boarded cottage and give the room some light, but the owners of the house want to keep it in it's original 1920's state, stained a similar color to yours.

Instead we have hung art, gallery style on the large expanse of the one wall with no windows. It has significantly opened up the room, by adding color and reflecting light from the glass and mirrors mixed in.

Creative Ideas for Wood-Paneled Wall?
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1/25/12 08:12 AM

Yes! Too bad my husband hates mayo, or I'd be looking for a reason to make one ASAP.

Smörgåstårta: 15 Savory Sandwich Cakes
1/19/12 10:16 PM

Love the gallery wall and the bold blue paint.

I love the Betta fish on the coffee table, with a live plant to boot. Not all fish thrive in schools. This one is a loner, as I'm sure you already know.

Jen & Nate's Upcycled Mix
House Tour

1/18/12 03:21 PM