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This house is just lovely. It is well put together, and seems so cozy and inviting. You have done an amazing job with this house and your children are lucky to grow up in a place like this!

Shannon & Dean Create a Contemporary Farmhouse
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12/17/11 11:51 PM

Beautiful! The floors, woodwork, stone, and windows are fabulous...and the decorating is not too shabby either. You have done a wonderful job with your house and I hope you share it with others!

Toby & Samy's Mid-Century Makeover
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12/16/11 01:31 AM

Hmm...where to start. I don't mean to hurt any feelings here, but this apartment tour is leaving much to be desired. As stated by others the pictures are such bad quality. I am wondering not only who took the pictures, but who chose this apartment. Horrible, horrible, horrible. The point of this website to display beautiful, unique, and interesting dwellings and this lacked all of the above.

Point in case: the kitchen was a cluttered mess (counters), the sofa (need I say more?), the cabinet/closet (displaying papertowels, Clorox, etc.), the dining room (table, file cabinet, and desk, and brown metal chair are atrocious)!

On the positive side...the bedroom has a lot of potential. The bed is fabulous, the bedding, bedside lamps are good, and the orange chair just might be the best thing in this apartment.

Lindsey & Stephen's Book-Filled Apartment
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12/16/11 01:23 AM