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The bed and the large furniture pieces on the second floor actually went up the staircase in the back of barn and through the door in our office next to the top of the spiral sraircase. A tight squeeze, but not as bad as the spiral staircase.

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12/17/11 07:44 AM

Glad you all enjoyed the tour of our place. Here are some answers to your inquiries.
The kitchen/living room divider was existing.
The fish wood block prints are by Mark Budreski an artist and friend.
The gray carpet in the living room is actually from IKEA.
The blueprints were found in the basement of an industrial building in Norwood, MA. They original engineering prints of the building dated 1913.
Thanks for all of your positive comments.

Chris & Erin's Farmhouse Add-On
House Tour

12/15/11 10:56 PM