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@Petersid, I totally agree. Great post, and please make it a weekly list.

Handmade That Doesn't Suck: The Coolest Items On Etsy Right Now
2/23/12 05:17 PM

These are so cool. I had no idea there were so many different variations. My neighbor has one and I thought it was peculiar that she had a fireplace but without a chimney. Growing up we had a wood burning fireplace and it was always smokey and black. These are great alternatives for apartment living. Gotta have it.

The Ventless Fireplace: A Cool Idea Worth Warming Up To
2/2/12 05:05 PM

Great picks! But what's up with the negative comments on price? Isn't this a design blog, intended to show innovative and creative designs and promote inspiration? There was a full range of beds highlighted - from under $100 to the most luxuriest. And to say that spending money on your pet is silly or ludicrous is rude. Pets to some people are more important than humans. It's okay if you can't afford or choose not to spend a ton on a bed, but it's disrespectful to pet lovers who do happily spend freely on their pets to elaborate with comments like silly, ridiculous or my pet wouldn't know the difference. Believe me your pet knows the difference. And a good bed encourages good sleep, good health, protects joints,... I adore Lilly and Abbie Dog Beds. Oh, and by the way, I would no sooner let my dog sleep on a $20 bed from Costco then I would a have him sleep outside in the mud.

Pads For The Pampered Pooch: The Best Modern Dog Beds
1/26/12 04:50 PM

I love it! So sleak, so fabulous and so sexy. If Mich looks anything like his apartment then I'm moving in.

Mich's Mid-Century Modern High-Rise in the Desert
House Tour

1/19/12 04:58 PM