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We downsized into a small house with an eat in kitchen, no dining room, and a long narrow living room. We fought with trying to fit in a couch, then gave up. We ended up with 3 love seats in a "U" shape. Two are against opposite walls facing each other and the third "floats" and divides the room into two areas. The love seats form the movie watching half of the room. TV & electronics are on/in an antique buffet which faces the love seats. A coffee table makes this a fine conversation area as well. Behind the floating love seat is a gate leg table which when closed makes a narrow sofa table, but can be opened for dining. The back half of the room has two big comfy reading chairs and books books books. Our two loves are watching movies and reading, so having an area for each works great for us and the room feels cozy/comfy.

Help With Layout of Narrow Living Room?
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1/13/12 06:29 PM

How often do people really sit on the couch and gaze at the fire? I would be tempted to turn this room into a combination reading/dining room. Bookshelves where the TV is. A comfy reading chair and lamp on the other side of the fireplace. Put a round table in the center, add a 4th mismatched chair to the 3 you already have, and enjoy long dinners and Scrabble in front of the fire. Make the dining room off your kitchen your TV/family room instead.

Help Arranging Narrow Living Room?
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12/15/11 03:24 AM