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haha, for the record, my name is allison, not avallant! LilyC, I know what you mean! Ive lived in other places about this size, but the open layout of this particular place (living/dining room) really make it feel more spacious! Thanks for the other kind comments!

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4/7/09 11:28 AM

I have friends that lived in a GREAT old church for over a year. It was great for parties because the whole floor plan is open on the bottom (entryway, kitchen, living, dining) and then there were two floors of loft space going up into the rafters, which gave them three bedrooms and a bath! Not to mention that they also had a balcony off of the topmost bedroom, which looked out over the whole city. It was just beautiful... But they had to move out because of the rent and EXORBITANT security deposits due to the enormous stained-glass windows.

We still mourn the loss of that place.

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8/28/08 10:06 AM


Yes that would be pretty hard to implement into a personal home, especially if youre going to have dinner parties... But I think the point here is that the hotel guests would usually go down to the dining room (or outdoor dining room!) and save the casual dining for maybe breakfast in the room, or some sort of family game night, not for inviting dinner guests up.

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8/19/08 10:13 AM

I dont know... this could be kind of hilarious in the right context. Maybe even a kids' room. I know I would have liked any kind of light-up tree in my room when I was a kid. Although, I see what everyone is saying. Not very classy. But even so...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Plastic Palm with Lights
8/19/08 08:56 AM

Seriously. What is going on with the duplicate posts?!? I have seen everything from good questions and look!s to house tours (found on flickr) over again! Dont get me wrong, I love AT, but it seems to me that the AT people need to communicate a little bit more between the chapters.


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8/18/08 10:55 AM

Pretty hideous stuff, I agree. But like "Lisa Hunter (Montreal)" I agree that you could try a nice thick matte paint before trying to do anything more drastic. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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8/12/08 09:56 AM

Does anyone know of a place in Minneapolis (or greater Minnesota) that lets you pick your own flowers? It looks like, from what I can dig up, a lot of farms in MN just do vegetables or are apple orchards. I have been thinking of doing a similar thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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8/12/08 09:53 AM

the IKEA Lack selves are very similar except that they have solid sides (and the open backs). And they are easily painted over if you don't like their selection of wood colors, white, pink or black...

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Who Makes This Shelf?
8/8/08 10:24 AM

This would be ADORABLE for books/collectibles or an entertainment credenza, or even a entryway table if you put a fresh coat of paint on it (since it is not a "quality" piece of furniture). I would suggest either a bright white, or a light color, such as turquoise or yellow or grey, whatever suits your current situation best. And then line the inside (or just the shelves) with a vintage paper, or contact paper. I would keep the glass sliders the way they are, that's such a great feature! This really is just adorable, it was totally worth the $5! Congrats!

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8/8/08 10:17 AM

I would think they were cool in a gallery or airport or hotel... somewhere they would be a novelty, but nowhere in a realy house could i like them! If someone invited me over to their house and all they had was THIS to sit on, I would never come back!

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not? Trompe-l'œil Wall Seating
8/5/08 11:15 AM

Where do you even get something like that? Does someone make them in pink?!? Or did he have it custom re-upholstered? I need to know!

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8/5/08 10:38 AM

If you didn't want to go out and get a whole buncha frames right away, I have another simple solution that may grown-up-ify your collection a bit, without changing it! Simply take down all of the posters/pictures and paint that wall with a fresh coat of happy-colored (and grown-up looking) paint, like a turquoise. Then put all of the items back up on the wall, but instead of using icky sticky tape, use some classy pins, like the ones that bug historians use to mount their collections to shadow-boxes.I love those. Or, if you think that would be too many pin-holes in your walls, pin them to the inside of shadow-boxes and cluster!

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8/4/08 11:46 AM

They don't even show Minneapolis?!? I think Minneapolis, had it been rated, would be one of the top 10 walkable cities in the US. I know that it has the 2nd highest bike-commuter (year-round too, yikes!) population in the US, second only to Portland, bike-capitol of the world!

And yes, walk-ability is very important to me when choosing apartments.

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7/18/08 11:40 AM

Wow, thanks you guys! That definitely helps. Because I am not usually that handy, I think I will try fitting a piece of veneer to the spot instead of refinishing the whole drawer-front with it. But I never knew I could buy a variety of whole sheets! I will keep all of this helpful advice in mind, thanks!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: How to Repair Chipped Veneer?
7/17/08 11:18 AM

Yes. There is definitely a very good one, similar to the one you already have, at Target. I have been coveting it for awhile.

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7/7/08 09:19 PM

Oh, its such a small baby!

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6/26/08 06:25 PM

I live in Minneapolis, where we have some really BEAUTIFUL historic apartment buildings with original woodwork, clawfoot tubs, and old-world charm. One time, my boyfriend and I fell in LOVE with one of these such places, but the deal-breaker for us was that there was no refrigerator in the kitchen! It was so old that the kitchen was too tiny to hold a refrigerator, so it was in another room! And there was hardly any counter-space too, I suppose... But the refrigerator in another room was a deal-breaker for us!

We love kitchens.

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6/25/08 07:20 PM

Where can I find that green and white wallpaper on the walls?!? I already checked Jonathan Adler's Website, and it is not pictured.

Anyone? Know of anything similar??

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Happy Chic Home Contest Jonathan Adler Point Click Home
6/25/08 07:14 PM

no way, i love the gold!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Metro Sofa
6/18/08 02:17 PM

I am in Minneapolis and just recently drove almost an hour each way to pick up a PERFECT mid-century modern occasional chair for $20! A steal!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How Far Would You Drive for a Craigslist Find?
6/16/08 05:40 PM