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A tractor seat chair is surprisingly comfortable and ergonomic. And it lets you skirt the modern-or-vintage issue, because it is sort of in a class of its own. Also very unobtrusive. Here's one:

Modern or Vintage: What Kind of Desk Chair Do You Favor?
1/20/12 02:13 PM

Burn charcoal-based incense. As it burns the charcoal eats up odors in the air. I discovered a couple years ago that not all incense is patchouli and sandalwood. I buy a lovely Japanese fig incense. It kills odors in the room and adds the nice fig scent.

5 Non-Toxic and Natural Ways to Control Odor
9/29/11 02:01 PM

Those PRANT boxes are pretty sturdy. But stacking them and putting things in them calls for a little extra support, maybe a rail that you place at the back of a stack of the boxes and secure each box to. I think it would be pretty simple. The boxes take paint really well, so there's a lot of uses for them. And they are completely flat pack, so they are a better idea than pre-assembled milk crates and the like.

Simple Storage: Cheap & Easy IKEA DIY
7/28/11 02:35 PM

Please, for the love of god, abandon this plan now. This could never be safe.

Where To Find Window Barbecue?
Good Questions

6/16/11 01:47 PM

There is a real potato taco that they make in Mexico, and it has a unique name, which I forget. But, they chop potatoes into big chunks and boil them (till soft; which means they use the kind of potatoes that naturally get mushy instead of holding their shape). They put these chunks of potato, seasoned just with salt, into small corn tortillas and then fold them over and secure them with toothpicks and drop them into a deep fryer just enough to crisp everything up a little. Then they serve them at room temperature soaked with a ladleful of nice, spicy salsa verde. Vegan heaven on earth.

Easy Weeknight Dinner: Potato Tacos (Tacos de Papa)
1/12/11 01:34 PM

How smart! But we need a hack for this. For instance those cheese graters that hold the block of cheese (or soap) as you grate. Or even a nice set that has a plastic sleeve to hold the soap (without touching it with your hands) and a little microplane underneath. But it needs to be one-handed. Think of the time, equipment, and cost savings, especially for large facilities, offices, etc.

Bring Back the Bar: Soap Flakes by Nathalie Stämpfli
1/12/11 01:14 PM

Asparagus sauteed in olive oil, lemon zest, and lemon juice, served over fettucine. Hearty and delicious. But on another note, doesn't your 80-yr-old dad deserve a little extra consideration? It's just 2 weeks. If he usually eats meat, you aren't killing more animals than he would be eating if he were at home. Maybe for a few of the meals you could offer some humanely-raised steaks and baked chicken, etc. (basically, cook and serve), alongside the one-pot dish you make.

What Are Some Vegan One-Pot Meals My (Meat-Eating) Dad Will Like?
Good Questions

12/21/10 01:18 PM

I never hear people recommend this, but I don't get why because it is genius: take any nicely sized plastic container with a lid and keep it in one of your fridge's crisper drawers. The cold prevents rotting (and odor) until, after a few days, you take the thing out to the compost pile and empty out the contents. Then a quick rinse and back in the fridge. You can even keep the vent from the drawer closed if you are worried about odors making it through the lid. With this method you don't put up with fruit flies, you don't take up counter space, and you don't have to get a pretty container. It's a no brainer to me.

Creative Kitchen Compost Keepers
10/7/10 08:33 PM

I think you just answered your own question! A DIY ventilated door. Just buy a solid interior door (like particleboard with luan-type veneer) and drill some holes in a pattern. I am seeing a nice larger-than-life abstracted vase with several cut flowers in it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Utility Door Alternatives?
4/30/08 08:47 AM

What about putting the mirror on a track, as mentioned before, except a vertical one rather than horizontal? And the track could be a flexible one, made of white/clear nylon cord, one cord on either side of the window. You would have to get a custom piece of mirror (cheap) with cutouts for the grommets. It could be about the width of the window, but only about 6 or so inches high. At that size it could fit (maybe?) in the space betwen the sill and the sink surface. When you want to use it you just ease it up the track to face level, and then push it back when done. I think it would look good. And the nylon cord would only be about as offensive as a pull cord on a regular blind.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Hang a Mirror in this Bathroom?
4/16/08 09:04 AM

Another vote for Corian. It requires zero maintenance, can be seamlessly repaired if ever chipped, etc, and as mentioned comes in any color or pattern you could want. The home center might not have all samples to show you, so dig a little. I chose one that is a beautiful matte white with a slight marbling effect (not trying to be a convincing faux). It is called Venaro white. They also can do a one-piece counter and sink made all of Corian. I think it looks good (and you can't beet the upkeep on it) but I didn't want it for my place.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Good Question: What Is the Best Material for a Kitchen Work Surface?
4/10/08 10:37 AM

Vegetable and fruit gardening? If you are "doing it" in containers and you are new to it, an excellent book is "The Bountiful Container". I just started doing this gardening thing a few years ago, and almost everything I have ever wanted to know about gardening* has been answered by this book. Here's a link:

*The only other thing I have wanted to know about gardening in containers is what to do to re-use last year's soil. I guess at what to throw in, but a recipe would be better.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Planning the Garden: Vegetables (and the Occasional Strawberry)!
4/9/08 08:30 AM