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Great plan and for those who aren't aware of the Edible Schoolyard Foundation it offers a wealth of information:

Mrs. Ojeda's Project: Growing in an Urban Iron Triangle Apartment Therapy + Donors Choose: Ready...Set...Grow!
4/5/13 03:23 PM

BTW, if you print the vintage diner signs on transparencies (instead of paper), it'll act like a low-budget version of window film and let most of the light still shine through. If you don't have access to print those, send them to a local FedEx/Kinko's as a .pdf attachment, they'll print them for you for very low cost.

What To Do with Interior Windows-to-Nowhere? Good Questions
4/5/13 03:21 PM

I'd treat it like it's a diner - I'd fill the windows with vintage diner signs - since you can find/print them from Google Images it'll only cost pennies to do.

What To Do with Interior Windows-to-Nowhere? Good Questions
4/5/13 03:20 PM

My cat brought in a vole, it was contained to one room, I finally announced out loud - if you'll just get into this tangerine plastic produce container I solemnly promise I'll get you outside safely - I baited my homemade trap with bread and with peanut butter. Then I put them within reach of where I could sit and watched like a cat. To my utter amazement about 15 minutes later the vole walked into the "trap", sat down without going for the food, let me get close enough to shut the lid and take it outside. Never give up cross-species communication I suppose?

As for cleaning, I pick up any loose droppings using a damp paper towel which I quickly discard, I do it this way because a vacuum cleaner will came the droppings to break up and potentially pulverize the droppings (and my concern is any getting into the air where I can breathe in the dust). Then thoroughly treat with an antiseptic solution. As for your dishes, you can wash them with regular soap, if you use bleach in the water (which is something we do in quake/mudslide country) make sure it's no more than a tiny amount (a teaspoon or two for a sink-full of water) and that the dishes are rinsed thoroughly in clear water twice.

Make sure to completely check for any entry points - you can fill those with steel pot scrubbers and/or caulk.

What To Do with Mouse in the House? Good Questions
4/5/13 03:17 PM

I mostly use them in minestrone and risotto stocks but any liquid dish, because the liquid will draw out the flavor, works... braising, beans, soups, stocks.

Fresh Ideas for Using Cheese Rinds? Good Questions
4/5/13 03:07 PM

Mason jars are a better bet than the foil option (the flimsy foil ones can sometimes buckle). Also ice cream scoops come in various sizes and help in filling the jars quickly. I'd use jellyroll pans (cookie sheets with an edge on all 4 sides) to ease getting great quantities in/out of the oven easily & safely.

Advice on Making Fruit Crumbles for a Wedding Reception? Good Questions
3/29/13 05:12 PM

Definitely Spring here, everything's in bloom, I finally get to harvest a real crop of asparagus from the garden so will serve those pan sautéed with eggs-over-easy - plus - there are Meyer lemons and lemon verbena for lemonade and poundcake.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of March 23-24, 2013
3/22/13 10:07 PM

This method never fails me for stovetop rice cooking of white rices and so I've never bought a rice cooker:

Twice as much water as rice
Put the pot onto boil
Butter or flavorings optional (I like to toss in some herbs or kaffir lime leaves)
When it boils cover it and turn the heat to the lowest setting possible
Cook for 15 minutes
Turn off the heat
Let steam for another 5 minutes
During that entire 20 minutes NEVER lift the lid
At the end of the 20 minutes lift the lid, fluff, serve

How to Cook Rice on the Stove
9/30/12 07:11 PM

We found it can also be something far simpler, the aerator in your faucet, it's a good to regularly slip that out and clean or replace it.

The Weird Reason Why Your Tap Water May Taste Like Mold in the Summer
8/30/12 12:32 PM

Towel, scoop up, take them outside, unfurl the towel so they have an opening, stand back and let them find their way back to the sky.

I've just adopted a stray cat, who brought a bird into the house the other day, I thought it was dead and went to pick it up when it moved and flew around the room, I screamed then realized I traumatized the poor bird by standing over it and screaming, poor thing was bashing itself against the window when I said Stop! It looked up at me and I pointed to the open window and it looked at me again and walked to the window very calmly and flew out. So maybe we have better powers of interspecies communication than I originally thought? Who knows. I was just glad it was OK and OUT.

How To Get a Bird Out of the House
8/29/12 11:20 AM

I don't know about the too formal/upholstered chairs bit. I have two sets of chairs. One set's small, Louis chairs with arms, comfortable enough for dining (enough for 8 guests). The other set are wing chairs and for an intimate dinner there's nothing better than having comfy upholstery to sit in all evening as we dine and talk around the table (enough for 4 guests). I live in a small house, just 950 square feet, so it's not about having oodles of storage space for different seating types.

The Elements of a Stunning Dining Room: Expert Advice From an Architect
8/28/12 12:41 PM

Why would I want to do this when I can have another obscenely expensive and rather useless single-purpose kitchen gadget?



Smart Tip: Turn Your $50 Ice Cream Maker Into a Quick-Churning $300 Model
8/27/12 09:12 PM

My family comes from that area, we primarily do this on weekends, daily if family is visiting from Germany!

Good Morning! Hefeweizen for Breakfast
8/27/12 09:10 PM

Love it and THIS is the kind of thing kids remember... (I know I do from my own childhood).

Crowns & Stars: Beautiful Back To School Traditions Nienie Dialogs
8/27/12 09:04 PM

Adorable dog!

Anywhere, everywhere, except on food surfaces and in one closed off "clean room" in the house (where I have lab equipment and experiment with all manner of weird cookery).

Pets On Furniture: Yay or Nay?
8/27/12 09:02 PM

I'd add:

- cleaning the dryer vent once a year! Lots of home fires start because there's dryer lint backed up in the vent pipe leading from the dryer to the outdoors.
- changing fire & monoxide alarm detector batteries (not just once a year but twice is the new recommendation).

Home Owner's Manual: Annual Home Maintenance Calendar
8/24/12 02:07 PM

Here's what I did, lost 25 lbs, and it was painless:
- I made a healthy foods grocery list and made a commitment to not buying anything in the store that wasn't on that list (unless it was a seasonable vegetable or fruit).
- I cleared out my pantry of unhealthy foods. If they're not there, and they're not on my grocery list, they don't make their way back in. If I really want it, I can have it as a treat, when I'm out at a restaurant. I'm a 'are there any cookies?' kind of person who'll start at one and finish the whole batch - just can't have them in the house - major cookie-control issues.
- switched my favorite bad-for-me foods to treats-only and I only have the best of the best (meaning I don't have banana cream pie unless it's my favorite version at my favorite bakery and I'm seeing my friends for coffee - which is about once a month)
- automated my breakfasts and lunches so I have something basic, like greek yogurt, and have a toppings bar (with about 20 choices) that lets me make it different and interesting each day. For lunch it's usually salads but the same premise applies, toppings bar, all healthy choices for variety. Dinner, for me, is anything goes.
- strive to eat healthy 90% of the time and have cheat foods up to 10% of the time
- find a way to exercise daily and make it enjoyable (I now ride my bike to/from work)
- more sex, athletic and daily if possible, burns more calories and it's more fun than riding a bike

What's the Best Way to Lose Weight Without Doing a Crazy Diet? Good Questions
8/24/12 02:04 PM

Loved this story. One of my favorite vacations was with Outward Bound where it wasn't oriented toward cooking as a vacation (sailing instead) but we had a challenge to forage as much food as we could find and made a meal of mussels with greens, berries for dessert, rose hips and rose petals that we used to make tea.

A Coastal California Cooking Vacation
8/23/12 03:03 PM

Decades before it became popular in the States, on a trip to Italy, I found ravioli di zucca and began making it at home. Divine.

Also while traveling, and taking cooking classes, family members would bring me into their kitchen and share a favorite local family recipe. That's how I learned about our family's multi-generations-old recipe for black forest cherry torte which had traveled in family member's pockets during wartime so it wouldn't be lost.

What Is the Best Recipe You Discovered While Traveling?
8/22/12 02:04 PM

Platform bed, with storage underneath, which takes the place of the dresser. Then along one long wall either floating shelves, with things in beautiful baskets or containers (which can get pricey), or IKEA's tall closed closet units with a dresser under the window.

How To Maximize Vertical Storage in Teensy Bedroom? Good Questions
8/21/12 01:54 PM