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That first picture looks super photoshopped and weird.... especially that back window. I suppose it's the camera angle?

Small Kitchen Storage: Put Baskets Above the Cabinets!
9/21/12 03:36 PM

Sweetiepetitti: Aldi is amazing. It is always WAYY cheaper than any grocery store around it, and it's small size makes it less overwhelming than most huge grocery stores. I'm lamenting the fact that there aren't any near me where I recently moved in Virginia.

Bigger and Blander: What's Up With Strawberries?NPR
5/21/12 09:18 AM

Similar to the sleeping bag tip, a spare mattress pad is a godsend. Even if it's not a pillow top, you eliminate that cold feeling of sleeping with sheets on plastic, which makes it really feel like you're sleeping on the floor. Depending on the size of the air mattress it probably won't take up much more space than the mattress itself. I usually stick a blanket laid flat underneath the mattress pad also, to give a little more coziness.

Hosting Help: Tips for Sleeping Comfortably on an Air Mattress
3/27/12 12:13 PM

I picked up an old better homes and gardens cookbook at a garage sale a while back, and it had a recipe for a marmalade omelette. I thought it would be weird, but it's very similar to a sweet crepe, and super fast to make. I like adding a little bit of rolled oats too for texture.

Beyond Toast: More Ways To Use Marmalade
3/5/12 12:46 PM