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Um, isn't a big chunk of the history of Western art a product of straight white guys seeking to decorate their homes with female nudes? Just sayin.

Samuel's Glamorous Collector's ParadiseHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/22/10 08:11 AM

Ah, that's my neighborhood! Lovely houses, terrible foundations.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Colorful Plateau Exteriors Montreal
10/8/08 01:32 PM

What the heck? Is this the zombie pod version of AT?

Apartment Therapy New York | Melaleuca: Eco Cleaning Products
5/5/08 11:17 AM

anyone want a good deal on a white cycloc, email me. I got one and couldn't use it. liesell@mac.com

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Where Do You Store Your Bike?
4/2/08 04:06 PM

seriously...invite someone over with their snake collection for the duration

Apartment Therapy - AT Survey: Deadbeat Roommates
11/13/07 11:59 AM

My Kaypro love:


Apartment Therapy - Retro PCs: What was your first computer?
11/2/07 04:00 PM

I made the mistake of putting them in recessed fixtures, where they prompted radiated all their heat back up into the fixtures and melted them. Probably most people have more sense in their heads than me, but just a warning anyhow.

Apartment Therapy - Best Product: Crown Bulbs
11/2/07 11:39 AM

Hi there

Could you please tell us the name of the yellowish color? And the same of the basement orange?

Apartment Therapy - #5 - Melissa's Color Extensions
10/4/07 09:01 AM


Urban Population Explosion: More Apartment Therapy?
6/29/07 09:48 AM

Also, I pretty much always work in a skirt and I haven't felt at all...probed.

Good Questions: Any Thought OnThe HAG Capisco Chair?
6/1/07 02:01 PM

Hey now, I have it and it's not soooo ugly...any of you guys seen an Aeron chair? And I think it's pretty great. It's not enormous, it encourages me to move as I write (that's the point of it, and it's been much better for me ergonomically than the Aeron. I say get one.

Good Questions: Any Thought OnThe HAG Capisco Chair?
6/1/07 02:00 PM

The Lifehacker link's not working

Survey: How Do You Keep Your To-Do Lists?
4/24/07 02:30 PM

Can you explain how you built the fireplace? I'm assuming it's a nonventing gas unit. Thanks

#23 - Fernanda Adam's Hidden Storage
4/24/07 01:27 PM

I have the same Elfa, and I love the way the Tolomeo lamps are used in this setup.

#12 Edward's Small But Tall Home Office
4/24/07 01:18 PM

Rabbit stood up two different friends of mine. Not cool.

Good Questions: Who's Your Top Moving Pick?
4/23/07 12:42 PM

Yes to AT DC!
I have to agree about Craigslist here; in general it's people selling stuff they bought at IKEA at about a twenty-five percent discount.

Open Thread 414
4/16/07 02:45 PM