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Ha ha.

Website is down, they went Rent-to-own in early 2009, and the HOA dues were advertised at $300 a month!

I bet the place is 3/4 empty and the builder is filing for bankruptcy.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 250 Square-Feet of Heaven in San Francisco Hot Post From One Year Ago
7/7/09 07:01 PM

I think the logo is trying to communicate that the 3 leaf clover actually belongs to someone named "M&M Mover".

I guess if you've ever eaten an M&M, you're technically an M&M Mover. Therefore, this clover belongs to all of us.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | MM Movers
6/1/09 03:18 PM

There's this great service that I use and highly recommend. They come in and clean wearing these sexy little outfits. It's very helpful. :-)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Men Create More Housework for Women?
4/8/08 10:11 AM

That's where my staff prepares coffee and simple meals for me before I board the Gulfstream G550 to Milan.

I would keep it, so you don't have to see or hear staff members cooking and cleaning...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: What to Do With this Extra Room?
3/19/08 02:21 PM

Oh Gawd...

"Drake came to the rescue when he tracked down the consummate fold-away bed, which looks like a classy built-in cabinet when closed. Since that time, they've been plagued by one inevitable question: "Everyone who comes over asks, 'Where is the bed?' " says Carney."

Of course, it is the CONSUMMATE fold-away bed, and yes, they are PLAGUED by the question of the bed's location at every turn!

These devilish rogues are making due with the paltry space as best they can - until at last they must escape to the expanses of the Santa Fe compound!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Blogging the Tribune Magazine: High-End Downsizing
1/14/08 02:59 PM

Hang at least one Budweiser mirror, framed if possible, in the livingroom. Gives them a place to check their makeup while you cook...

From your water bong collection, proudly display the largest, most infrequently cleaned on the nightstand. Says 'I like to relax in style.'

The ladies love a nice cushy beanbag chair to recline in, preferably red, or sports team-identified. If you're lucky, they'll be wearing a short skirt!

Just kidding. Good luck out there sport!

Apartment Therapy - How to Make Your Apartment More Woman-Friendly...?
10/10/07 11:50 AM

These are the same prices as DWR. I guess it all depends on who's reach you're talking about...

Top Ten: Room and Board Modern Classics for Under $400.
7/31/07 03:49 PM

Um, he's not really a nerd, he's an actor PLAYING a nerd on a TV show. I'm a real nerd-type guy, I don't just play one on TV; and I live at 1.7 Ocean :-)

Oh and I also want one of those pillows :-)

Your Place or Mine?: Geek Chic Bachelor Pads
7/28/07 08:54 PM

The cover lifts up and tucks away down the back of the grill. Really slick and clean. Oh, and expensive :-)

Fuego Grills by Pentagram
7/16/07 12:54 PM

Hey, sweet, I was just about to post this...

I live here (just moved in to 535A)!!

Stop by and say Hello!

WBC/ 1.7 Ocean event in Costa Mesa 6.23.07
6/15/07 01:49 PM

Any interest in someone to cover Orange County? Lots of cool design happening in the westside Costa Mesa/Newport area right now!

Star Blogger Search: AT:LA Wants You!
6/14/07 10:08 AM

Hey Jaime, well I could try to do it like they did, but I'd have to get rid of some furniture :-). That's the model unit. You're invited to a housewarming party next month!

#5 Jamie's One Bedroom Bungalow
4/16/07 04:13 PM

Jaime, great painting over the bed, and I like that fireplace! I'm moving to a bungalow too on the West Side early next month. Are you Eastside or West? Check out my place:

Welcome to the neighborhood!

#5 Jamie's One Bedroom Bungalow
4/16/07 02:38 PM