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Never done this before but just love the rug in the foreground. Anyone know if it is buyable?? Thanks!

And I, too adore the fall. Very best time of year. Doesn't get any better than crunching into that first McCoun apple, pulled straight off the branch.

Autumn For Adults: Back-To-School Fun For The Rest Of Us
9/5/12 11:09 AM

Julia White, I'd love to have you do my slipcovers!! Is there a way we can connect if you're interested?

Case Studies of Real Life Upholstery Jobs: What Do People Really Pay?
6/24/12 11:24 PM

Those shelves are just beautiful! It's probably a stock photo, but if not, could you provide details?? I imagine they wouldn't hold books, though, given how they must be secured to the wall.

Styling Tricks to Save Time & Money
3/7/12 10:29 AM

I was really taken aback at first by the "after" - thought it looked awful. But i think the biggest issue is the photography. The lighting makes it look flat and blah. The close-up on the link makes the work look much more charming.

Perhaps the combination of the bright color and the distressing is also a slight disconnect for people. You tend to see that "shabby" look with softer colors, as though the whole piece has been worn by time, not just the edges.

At any rate, chapeau! to anyone who actually strips, sands and paints multiple coats to anything in that kind of shape, and transforms it into a loved object. Hope your hard work is enjoyed for a long time.

Battered Sideboard Goes Blue Primitive & Proper
3/2/12 12:05 PM

Isn't brass the new black?

Beautiful shape to that lamp, and the shade of blue is lovely. But it has that bumpy, painted look I'm not wild about.

And when will we be free of the tyranny of the drum shade? It's not the only shape out there, folks! They're great in their way, but it shouldn't be the only go-to shape, repeated in every catalog until we wear out its welcome. Wouldn't a nice curve have mirrored the shape of the base well?

Before & After: From Brass to Blue Lamp
That Mommy Blog

2/16/12 11:24 AM

Ha! I love the Mrs. Myers lavender sheets, too, @Suzee, but cut them in thirds and use them for guest sheets, or "special stuff". One package lasts about a year, cheap yankee that i am.

I have hung my stuff out to dry in winter and got frozen (and still wet) laundry back, so not all of us can line dry all the time. Though truly nothing can match the scent of clean sheets of the line - heaven. Ikea has a great rack with tons of space for hanging in our basement, though, which is always in use.

An electrician told me that a dryer uses the equal of Hundreds of TV's turned on all at once. So we use it sparingly, for sure.

Quick Cleaning Tip: Keep Baseboards Cleaner With Fabric Softner
2/16/12 11:17 AM

Yuck. Try to purge dryer sheets from your life. They (as well as mass-market fabric softeners) contain animal fat. Do you want that all over you? Your house? Your furniture? I'm no vegan - nor even a vegetarian, but that is seriously nasty. I learned this when buying a front-load washer. I asked why so many people had problems with mildew, as I lived in Europe for years and never heard of the problem. Turns out the animal fat in U.S. fabric softener creates a very rich environment for bacteria. You want that on your sweet underthings?

Quick Cleaning Tip: Keep Baseboards Cleaner With Fabric Softner
2/15/12 07:32 PM

Banana or pumpkin bread variations are so easy and great, and a cheery thing to bring with you on a busy day. All my vegetarian soups, including great old Cooking Light one with squash, beans, cumin and cinnamon as well as a curried sweet potato with peanut butter and a corn chowder. Or my lentils, onions and rice dish that is so easy-peasy and a kid favorite, oddly enough. The lovely Nigella has a store-cupboard pancake mix that is so much better than boxed, and adapts really well to adding whole wheat flour.

12 Recipes to Know By Heart
2/9/12 11:11 AM

To each his own, as my parents say. If they love it, great. But as a mother, all I can think of is that these things are about table height at best, and that is one major backache in the making - bending that low to change a baby multiple times a day. Ugh. Not a good use of the piece. If there were a way to add height, then maybe it could work, aesthetics aside.

Before & After: From Antique Dry Sink into Changing Table
Taste{full} Life

2/8/12 08:38 PM

@Launie Parry, that is a beautiful calendar (and no, I'm not her mom)!

I too got a cheapo blank calendar grid from Target and write in the months and days. A friend has Pottery Barn's whiteboard calendar that's part of a larger system (tho i think she only has that) that she loves.

Cool Wall Calendar with Room For Writing?
Good Questions

1/30/12 01:16 PM

p.s. Joel S, re: "tired magazines like Elle Decor that tell people how to improve their lives through shopping. Uggh."


Been There, Done That: Designers Weigh In On "Worst Trends"
Elle Decor

1/20/12 11:06 AM

OK - Hope this section isn't already dead because i have a question! We want to re-do our kitchen, and were thinking soft white cabinets, grey-green slate (local new england) counters and stainless appliances. Are we going to look dated? Does slate=granite? Would love wood counters, but have heard all sorts of upkeep problems, and we have a busy house and are not the type of people to wipe up every drop of water. Would love cabinter-door-covered appliances, but they're crazy expensive and my sister has had problems with hers - since there are limited suppliers. Don't even talk to me about open shelving - i mean, honestly. So tell me - will we be sorry?? And if so, what to do?

Been There, Done That: Designers Weigh In On "Worst Trends"
Elle Decor

1/20/12 11:05 AM

Just great. This is why i love AT - super ideas with helpful links to dream by! But how will i ever get to them all?

Before & After: IKEA Trondheim Madeover With O'verlays
The Design Pages

1/17/12 02:32 PM

I think the painted wood is great. However, i think the mantle and corbels are incongruous in that room. There's a fussiness to it that doesn't go with the fun diagonal paneling and the very modern window. I think something more simple and geometric would have worked better, or perhaps more rustic, a nod to what was once there and is now (greatly) improved.

Before & After: A Fireplace Transformation
1/14/12 11:25 AM

Found it! For anyone who's interested, it's a matte finish ceramic tile called Sabbia Dorato by American Olean.

Before & After: Greg & Ashley's Bathroom Gut Rehab
7th House on the Left

1/11/12 07:48 PM

I love the look, but can't get a handle on what kind of tile it is - it looks like stone. Does anyone know? We are redoing a bathroom, and would love to look into using something similar. Thanks!

Before & After: Greg & Ashley's Bathroom Gut Rehab
7th House on the Left

1/11/12 07:13 PM

Ha! Just noticed - make sure all the recessed lights have working bulbs! Sometimes it's the little things that put people off...

Updates For This Bathroom in House For Sale?
Good Questions

1/10/12 05:34 PM

Wow. I don't think it's that bad! Here's what i'd do (none of it expensive): Get rid of the wallpaper border -that's the most outdated thing. Then get rid of the fluffy rugs, paint all the dark woodwork white. Remove the shower doors and get a nice clean white linen or waffle weave shower curtain. Don't remove expensive tile, especially since it looks like a nice neutral grey. Maybe find a fun, fresh paint color like a yellow that will play off the grey tile. Paint the stool woodwork white (or match the new wall color) and replace the cushion with a modern fabric like an ikat or whimsical floral that matches or complements the tile and wall colors. Replace light switch with a new white one. Get two fluffy white towels and put them in the tile towel rack so that they look plush and spa-like. Not sure about blinds - they are aging, but sometimes necessary! Just amke sure they're clean and up when showing the house. Finally, remove all do-dads from counters, and add one nice vase of fresh flowers. Done! Good luck!

Updates For This Bathroom in House For Sale?
Good Questions

1/10/12 05:33 PM

@Gilliane, Restoration Hardware has extra-long shower curtains in nice linens and waffle weave. I just was hunting today for this! We are just now redoing our bathroom, and are having a shower curtain track put on the ceiling. We need an "L" shape, and i am sick of the pole in the middle of our regular rod (to hold it up at the bend) stopping the curtain. There's a light in the shower ceiling and a curtain at the far "open" end, so light is not an issue. I think it will be great to have that clean look of no rod, and hope to leave the curtain open most of the time, tho i completely get the mildew worry - at least in winter, it's not a problem with our dry New England houses.

Does anyone have any caveats they can share about my ceiling mount track idea? I haven't seen it around really, it's just a notion I had and found a supplier online. Is there anything i should be aware of before we take the plunge??

Shower Curtains: Long or Short?
1/9/12 07:26 PM

I bought my first big furniture purchase - a greenwich sofa from Pottery Barn - 12 years ago and it was a really smart purchase! It still looks great, the lines are classic, and it is very, very comfortable. I think we will get a new one when we re-do our den. Though i may get a slipcover for the old one and keep it. So while not a fan at all of "cookie cutter" solutions, PB rally came through for me on this one.

Are Pottery Barn Sofas Worth the Money?
Good Questions

1/4/12 07:12 PM