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That "before" wallpaper was hideous and the blue cabinets- yikes. Love Love Love the remodel.

Kitchen Before & After: Theresa's 11-Day Gut Overhaul Reader Kitchen Remodel
6/19/12 08:25 AM

Love IT!!!

Sean & Sara's Minimal Americana House Tour
5/14/12 12:30 PM

I love the use of fabric as a way to bring color into a room where you cannot paint. I always wondered why the idea is not used more often. I love the look. Great job.

Monica's Teeny-Tiny Student Studio House Tour
5/11/12 12:45 PM

only pictures of the kitchen?

Dominique's Well-Designed Houseboat Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 02:30 PM

Great space. I love it.

Chelsea's Cozy & Eclectic Garden Apartment House Tour
4/17/12 02:22 PM

I love it. It looks amazing.

Jennifer's Gathering Place Small Cool Contest
4/2/12 03:51 PM

so cute!!

How to Entertain in a Teeny-Tiny French Kitchen
4/2/12 10:24 AM