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Hi guys, first of all, great kitchen remodel!

I had a question about the handyman you hired to help with some of the tile work. We're getting ready to tackle a kitchen remodel of our own, and wanted to try to save some costs by doing some things ourselves. One of those things is doing the tile ourselves, but we've never done any tiling ourselves. We saw you had the help of your Handyman, Steve. How did you go about picking our your handyman? Did you know he'd be giving you a crash course in tiling and letting you guys do it yourselves? Is this a normal practice where they'll lend you the tools and give you a crash course in performing the project and then come back to inspect?
We're in the bay area, so as much as I'd like to call up your handyman Steve, we'll have to find our own resource out this way. Thanks!

Q&A with Sandra & Justin Renovation Diary
11/5/13 04:04 AM

Anybody have any suggestions for a well designed thin desk? The Ikea Besta Burs desk would be nearly perfect, but it's too long ...and wouldn't mind something a bit more well made then Ikea (no offense to Ikea stuff). I'm looking for a desk that falls somewhere in the at max 52" wide, and anywhere from 14" to 23" deep.

High & Low: Home Office Furniture
2/9/12 05:02 PM