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Thank you!

What's the Difference Between Multigrain and Whole Grain? The Back of the Box
4/9/14 01:39 PM

What about sprouted grain (like Ezekial bread)? I got it recently and it is delicious, but I can't explain how it is different from whole grain...any ideas?

What's the Difference Between Multigrain and Whole Grain? The Back of the Box
4/9/14 10:45 AM

They look like William Yeoward or one of his designs... items in william yeoward crystal%26cm_kws%3Dwilliam%20yeoward%20crystal

Help Me Find the Wine Glasses I Spotted on House of Cards! Good Questions
2/24/14 04:14 PM

olive trees along the back?

Scott's San Francisco Backyard My Great Outdoors
8/5/13 01:59 PM

Is Mr. Furley a Border Terrier or Border mix? My family has one and they share a resemblance. He's too cute.

Kirstin & Jeff's Casita Del Rio Small Cool Contest
5/30/13 12:11 PM

I'm getting married in early February next year (in Washington DC). I, too, keep deflecting questions about "my colors." Whether my wedding was in February or June, I wouldn't have "colors"--Isn't this practice on the way out?

My Winter Wedding Color Palette:
Colors from Nature

12/5/12 01:41 PM

holy cow. we are of one mind. I'm planning a wedding. My fiance is turning 3-0. And chocolate/peanutbutter is my favorite combo.

Retro Recipe: Homemade Nutty BarsRecipes from The Kitchn
5/1/12 12:46 PM

oh Alexis, I can't thank you enough! This is a dream of color and texture and artifacts. Lovely. My fiance and I are moving in together and he thinks my ideas are a bit wild or too feminine (hot pink? nooo!). I'm going to use your apartment as an example of interior design done right as I ease him out of all leather, no rugs into my world of pattern! Thank you.

Alexis' Cabinet of Curiosities Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 09:49 AM

Love the Spanish Mission 1920's vibe going on in here! I can tell she's a California girl... the best part? She's owning Visalia! I'm from Bakersfield and my grandparents are in Visalia. I love all these little San Joaquin Valley towns. Thank you Maria!

Maria's Beautiful "Controlled Chaos" House Tour
4/13/12 09:22 AM

13 Acres Olio Nuovo! Fantastic drizzled over salads or crispy French bread rubbed with a little garlic....yum!

In Search of a Good Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4/12 03:55 PM

I LOVE THE MOTH RADIO. I'm a writer and love stories. I have been so happy since I discovered The Moth. I just can't get enough. Highly's like a free gift for yourself.

10 Podcasts For Your Holiday Travels
12/16/11 04:05 PM

I bring the Barefoot Contessa's rosemary roasted cashews... been making a lot around this time of year! I put them in jars and tie it up with a ribbon.

What's Your Choice for a Universal Hostess Gift?
12/16/11 12:53 PM