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Hi guys, Kyle, the photographer here! Yes, that lovely shower curtain is from Anthropologie. I love it too!

Meg & Dan's Colorful Jamaica Plain Condo
House Tour

7/28/11 10:45 AM

Oh Jeanine - what a story!! That guy sure is cute but I sure as hell would have had a hard time seeing that if he was in MY house. I would have freaked out!

Great post!


How To Coax a Wild Animal Out of the House | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/23/10 04:27 PM


Kyle here.

I'm so sorry about the misspelling of Starkville. That's bad.

And to clear up the "poppy" confusion, I meant poppy as in playful and snazzy, not the color of the flower. I take a fair amount of poetic license in my writing ;-).


Mending Chairs with Imperfect Parts | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/20/10 09:27 PM

This made me smile Jeanine. I do love the idea of being spoken to this way in the morning. Delightful.

Good Morning Sir /Madam Alarm Clock by Voco | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/20/10 06:53 PM

Aaron, this is a real treasure! Thanks for sharing. Your parents were (are?) such hipsters.


My Childhood Home: Growing Up Around Great Design House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
11/13/09 03:29 PM

Great tour and space! I sure do love those bunnies on the shelf. They're yummy. Not to mention all the great artwork. Oh and that glass ceiling...Thanks Sarah!

Asya's Luminous Loft House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/10/09 06:15 PM

This is such a lovely departure from the typical Apartment Therapy style! Thanks for sharing your pretty home.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Heather's Vintage Granny Chic House Tour
11/7/09 11:41 AM

Wes & Kayla,

Your home and tour looks amazing!!!

You guys are so damn talented. Seriously.


Apartment Therapy Boston | Wes, Kayla Bacon's Brookline Remix House Tour
11/3/09 06:30 PM

Annki -

Looks like they may not be selling that color anymore but I just found a variant on a different fabric site:

Bridie -

I don't know exactly how much weight the cabinets can take but they feel very strong.


Apartment Therapy Boston | DIY: Using IKEA Cabinets for a Kitchen Storage Bench
8/26/09 03:56 PM

Thanks for all your comments.

To answer your questions:

1) The end panel of bench isn't white - it's the same tone as doors

2) I do have the bench located in a slightly strange spot, making it so the far right cabinet isn't AS accessible but it's totally fine for rarely used stuff. Sometimes I go for slightly "strange" if it means gaining something really valuable to me (location by that window). And there's nothing permanent about it so I can change things around when the whimsy strikes. Oh and does it strike!

3) It's a totally sturdy set-up (not affixed to the wall). It's the depth of the pieces (24 inches) that make the set-up completely sturdy. I guess my floor is also naturally level in that spot.

4)It's hard to tell from the photos but I used really small bumper feet to raise the bench up high enough that it seamlessly clears the carpet.

5) I didn't want handles. Wanted a less clunky look that that. It's not the least bit difficult to open the doors.

6) The pillow top is from Joann Fabrics.

7) The small floral pillows were made with this fabric: Freespirit Fabrics, designed by Anna Maria Horner. Fabric Series - "Drawing Room", Specific Fabric name -
"Green Branching Out")


Apartment Therapy Boston | DIY: Using IKEA Cabinets for a Kitchen Storage Bench
8/25/09 06:18 PM

Thanks for all your comments. It does seem that this film is still in production, not yet released. So stay tuned for it's eventual release! You can follow the film's progress on Facebook -

Kyle, Apartment Therapy Boston

Apartment Therapy Boston | New Documentary: Drying for Freedom, A Film About Clotheslines
8/24/09 04:27 PM

great idea...

that's true love. both bacon's for the rottweiller and yours for bacon ;-).

Apartment Therapy Boston | Look! DIY Doormat Using Flor Carpet Samples
8/5/09 09:37 PM

It's a beautiful transformation!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Before After: House Painting Transformation
8/4/09 09:42 PM

I'm so so sorry for your enormous loss.

Apartment Therapy DC | News: Peggy Cafritz's Home Destroyed in Fire
7/30/09 04:23 PM

I love this! Thanks Sarah! Kyle

Apartment Therapy Boston | On-Time Clock by Fabrica
7/13/09 07:24 PM

My apologies about the timing of this post. This post was prescheduled before the accident.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Recycled Airplane Wing Desk by Reestore
6/2/09 01:28 PM

Kayla & Wes,

Brilliant idea and beautiful job!!

Apartment Therapy Boston | How To: Hang a Wall of Pot(s)
5/14/09 11:49 PM


Apartment Therapy Boston | Spring Color Inspiration from Tulip Fields
4/6/09 11:47 PM


we've been hit with lots of naysays as bloggers but I'd have to say that's my first "fail whale". that's a special one.


Apartment Therapy Boston | Look! Wine Rack as Magazine Storage
3/24/09 01:57 PM

Kyle the blogger here!

I love hearing everyone's stories - I'm so inspired!

Thessa, your wheelbarrow story made me laugh out loud! I love it.

Keep on moving!


Apartment Therapy Boston | Living Single Getting Things Done!
3/23/09 07:39 PM