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seeing this house tour validates our own eclectic living space! thanks for sharing!

A House-Wide Cabinet of Curiosities
House Tour

11/24/10 02:32 PM

crisp and clean; nicely done.

Artist John Guthrie's Heavenly Haven House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/24/10 10:43 AM

crazy fun sculpture ... thanks for sharing

Stuhl Hocker Bank by Yvonne Fehling Jennie Pelz | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/29/10 06:44 PM

love the pic of the stacked logs in that yard, and the lavender or statis or whatever those blue-purple flowers are along the wire fence

interesting thoughts on the logs room divider ... i'm not down with the bugs either, though

this is crazy timing to see this photo: took a series of stacked log photos in and around Dad's new wood shed up north ... the shed holds 16 cord, and was 3/4 full at the time so the angles are great ...

Using Stacked Logs to Create Indoor Room Divider | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/27/10 06:03 PM

the mirror was brilliant in expanding the space!

nicely done

Ila Nate's Corridor of Color House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/21/09 10:43 PM

interesting stats

if clutter in a kitchen space was an issue, i guess i can see the microwave being removed.

i do like your reheating idea using a steamer to reheat food.

don't use the landline phone, but do keep it with minimum service as redundancy in the event that cell service is disrupted ... about six or eight months ago, when we had satellite TV, our TV signal was disrupted for several hours by "solar activity" according to the message on the screen during the 'service blackout.'

don't have a dishwasher.

again, interesting study. thanks for hooking us up, Kyle!

Do You Really Need That? | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/15/09 04:08 PM

love it

i'm a huge fan of color continuity in a room in a restricted space

this works well here

thanks for the view

you rock

Apartment Therapy Boston | Painting Bathroom Ceiling Same Color as Walls
10/12/09 02:07 AM

luv that Design Studio site!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Inmod Design Your Own Duvets: New Styles!
9/30/09 12:58 PM

@ Lori

send your sister some lovely flowers!!!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Impact of Sharing Childhood Bedroom
8/29/09 06:35 PM

way to pull the THERAPY out of ApartmentTherapy and put it on the table, y'all !

wow ... there are some serious issues coming over this post ... kyle, you could make some big bucks if you ever decided to go from blogger to psychiatrist :-)

be well, everyone!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Impact of Sharing Childhood Bedroom
8/29/09 06:33 PM

let me join sally305 here and ask about that bunk room pic that's posted

i think it's great; and similar to something a roommate & i put up in a small fenway studio (ours was a two-bed unit, and the upper and lower bunks opened out on opposite sides)

please tell us about that bunk room pic!


Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Impact of Sharing Childhood Bedroom
8/29/09 04:43 PM

i like her works

Apartment Therapy Boston | The Gallery: Photographs by Erin Tyner
8/8/09 12:28 PM

I've recently been replacing beat up, older stuff with bamboo products, so this post really made me smile.

Our kitchen is kind of stretched out with counter space, and so we have just replaced two vertical paper towel holders with bamboo ones that we got from BB&B, and an old beat-up cutting board with a bamboo, fish-shaped one from Marshalls.

Love all things wood & bamboo. This veneered shower rod is a stroke of genius.

Thanks for the heads up!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Bamboo Tension Rod from Umbra
8/4/09 10:09 PM

real practical for outdoor use (especially this spring/summer with all the rain the NE has had)

thinking also, any indoor location where you might come in out of the rain/snow ... a place to sit, soaking wet, while taking off the shoes etc.

teak for the wood frame would be nice

nice bright colors

that rope butt image is pretty funny, guys

Apartment Therapy Boston | Rope Benches Stools by Madshome
7/31/09 08:04 AM

luv the bold colors, and the stepping-stone carpet circles in the hallway (hope the backs are skid-resistant :)

Apartment Therapy Boston | House Tour: Paula Brian's Cambridge Condo Rehab
7/29/09 02:46 PM


This photo is so Saturday Night Live early 1970s retro comedy skit!

Don't get me wrong; the execution in the right space and all is perfect.

You can't beat the fresh smell of clothes and towels and sheets dried out in the sun and fresh air.

Less dryer use and more sun and circulating air use: couldn't be better.

Eco makes so much sense: go the route as the opportunity presents itself.

Thanks for the reminder ...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Wall Mount Folding Drying Rack
7/25/09 01:34 AM

Difficult crowd ... OMG.

Think color and function: oranges and lemons with a satisfied attitude of that's right where I need it to be for me to be organized.

Think citrus chic and then run with it!

Love it, Ms. K!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Lining Shelf Edge with Clothespins for Desktop Papers Better Homes Gardens
7/20/09 12:28 AM

not so sure that AT's mission statement includes everything green, as some reaction would imply ...

let's just say from my point for what it's worth: this one looks like it needs some tiny LED xmas lights woven thoughout; LEDs that change color with body temp or emotion.

how cool would that be if all of us posters could then lounge in one of these things and compare the LED response to our blog responses. then post those pics as well :)

not such a big fan of the initial concept, but hey, if you're going to spend that much time on something so tedious and wasteful, at the least add some bodacious visual interactivity.

personally, i won't be doing any plastic tie art.

hopefully, the creators will move on ...

wow. this post really brought a lot on from us all ... :)

next post, please ...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Zip Tie Cocoons
7/15/09 11:45 PM

I absolutely luv it! The before and after pics speak volumes.

Great for herbs and all on small patios and porches.

The bright flowers add a lovely touch.

Thank for the fun post!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Shoe Pocket Garden!
7/11/09 04:02 PM

Sweet post, Kyle.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Random Acts of Flowers
7/7/09 01:24 PM