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Nice choice of color...looks really fresh!


Apartment Therapy Boston | Painting Bathroom Ceiling Same Color as Walls
10/11/09 04:36 AM

Kyle, you rock!

Apartment Therapy Boston | The Gallery: Photographs by Erin Tyner
8/10/09 10:34 AM

I for one think it is a great idea for a recycled wine rack or any other rack for that times, there are certain magazines we just want to display

Apartment Therapy Boston | Look! Wine Rack as Magazine Storage
3/24/09 10:19 PM

Love this post!!! Did the sofa's really get flip flopped?

Apartment Therapy Boston | Living Single Getting Things Done!
3/23/09 06:15 PM

holy cow really DO rearrange every week!

keep doing what feels good for YOU!


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11/21/08 05:36 PM


Apartment Therapy Boston | 2 Small Condos, 1 Large Lighting Difference?
11/16/08 10:00 AM

Great color, great space...I too cannot wait to get a peek at the rest of your space and decor...I have a hunch it is worth waiting for...hopefully, there will also be more pix of Cleopatra

Apartment Therapy New York | Boston House Tour: Kyle’s Jamaica Plain Gem
4/10/08 03:51 PM

Eddie's is fantastic...wish it had been there when I lived in the area as I currently have a couple of pieces that would look fantastic painted a Chinese red...when in the area I will certainly check it out...way to go us more...Lizzy

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Boston: Eddie’s New Used Furniture - Old Never Looked So Good
4/8/08 12:33 PM