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Sorry, caps lock on from what I really should be doing at work

The Three Word Plan to Loving Your Home
3/27/14 03:19 PM


The Three Word Plan to Loving Your Home
3/27/14 03:17 PM

I had a pug mix who *loved* being vacuumed.Whenever he saw the attachment hose, he'd be right there. It was a good thing, too, because he was awfully furry!

How To Remove Pet Hair Everywhere: From Furniture, Floors and More
1/30/14 12:22 PM

Another Georgia. Quite wrong - I am an Oregonian and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. and yes, Puddleglum, Powell's is wonderful!

Quick Quiz: What's Your \"State\" of Mind?
10/23/13 11:13 PM

I was undecided on this issue when planning a trip for this fall. I ended up scheduling all my vacation days for the trip. Then my work schedule was changed by a day, so I'll be off work my first day back as well. Sounds good to me!!

Are You Ever Able To Take An Extra Day Off After Travel?
7/29/13 11:47 PM