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Lovely, clean, tidy, attractive space. I live in Highland Park and have the same Catherine Holm tea kettle. Let's be friends!

Jeff's Tiny Kitchen On a Budget Kitchen Tour
3/26/13 05:14 PM

I live in a 1910 craftsman and it is a datum-lovers dream (or whatever term best describes an ultra-consistent line)!

Follow the Datum Through These Homes
9/18/12 05:03 PM

Just gorgeous! Love the pot colors, the textures, the lush quality of the plantings. This is going on my Pinterest board!

Loree's Dangerously Beautiful Garden Garden Tour
7/18/12 12:11 AM

I showed this to my 9-year-old daughter and she literally screamed with delight and glee! Absolutely adorable! She also asked, "Can WE go glamping???"

Before & After: "Audree" Gets a Makeover The Fancy Farmgirl
6/29/12 03:57 PM

Thanks for the thoughtful post and the great comments. This is a daily struggle for me with the 6 of us living in a 1,300 sq. ft. house. Many of my friends have much larger houses, and I find them to look cheerfully lived-in when messy; in my small house, on the other hand, the walls seem to close in and it looks cluttered and unkempt even with relatively few messes. But just yesterday one of my children's friends noted that I'm the "neat mom," and that really gave me pause. Clearly I need to strike a better balance! The struggle continues....

Embracing the Family Mess: Striking a Balance Between Chaos and Order
6/11/12 04:38 PM

We recently painted the inside of our bathroom door a nice bright yellow (Benjamin Moore's Yolk). It is a fun surprise in an otherwise airy pale turquoise & white bathroom.

Summer Brights: Just a Bit of Yellow
6/9/12 04:24 PM

Such a fan of Barbara Bestor's work. This is gorgeous--warm, modern, relaxed.

A Surf Shack with a Modernist Soul
6/4/12 04:17 PM

I've used several of these and love them. They have this sink at my children's school so that multiple kids (they have a 3-faucet one) can wash up at the same time. They are charming and useful. I have a friend who painted the outside of hers a cool lime green and put it in a bathroom with light turquoise walls. Wish I could afford one for my 4 kids!

Help Finding Source for Vintage Style Bathroom Sink? Good Questions
5/15/12 10:31 PM

Great concrete tips. Thank you! I realize that my own home has all of these qualities, and it makes me proud. But I still struggle with making it all look artfully lived-in, rather than looking like a house with 4 children who leave stuff everywhere (which is, in fact, the truth). Oh well, it is good to have something to aspire to!

Essentials Of Effortless Style From Our House Tours
5/3/12 03:16 PM

So colorful and lovely, and all those amazing Potted touches (the hanging planters, the long planter on the dining room table, the chairs & tables outside, the outdoor rugs...) just make it even better. It is one of my favorite stores and I only wish I could afford it!

Annette + Gustavo's 100 Year Old Hollywood Craftsman Home
House Tour

2/6/12 10:47 PM

I always say, kids have the rest of their life to use technology, do homework, watch movies, etc. They have such a short amount of time to just be a kid. Don't squander it pushing grownup stuff on them when they are still in that magical zone of childhood. I have four kids and we decided from the start to have zero technology. Yes, zero, as in no TV, no movies, no videos, no computer. Once they got older, we started introducing it gradually. Despite being tech-deprived, my 12-year-old daughter can now navigate the computer just fine. They catch on quick. Meanwhile, they are all love reading books and playing outside and it just doesn't even occur to anyone to ask for screen time.

Setting Limits on Children's Tech Time
1/31/12 11:42 PM

Hi Fi, we've met a few times (at Sequoyah and around town) and I'm proud to see your South Pas home represented on AT! What a sweet little oasis for you and your daughter.

Fi & Livvy's Simple & Cozy "Caltrans" Home
House Tour

12/5/11 10:06 PM

Great house! Having lived in Highland Park for 9 years, it is fun to see more and more places getting fixed up. See you around the 'hood!

Jamison, Alec & Zion's "Elegant Circus" Home
House Tour

12/3/11 01:23 PM

We did this to the ugly dark brown billys that came with our house; added trim and painted them white...this was 9 years ago, before AT was around...hard to fathom a world before Apartment Therapy!

Build-In Your Billys for an Inexpensive & Custom Look
Centsational Girl

11/5/11 06:05 PM

Beautiful--vintage & fresh at the same time. Great job, guys.

Minh & Ted's Lovingly Renovated Home
House Tour

7/6/11 11:34 PM

Potted in the Los Feliz section of Los Angles. Their plants, fountains, furniture, it all!

What Are Your Favorite Garden Stores?
6/13/11 06:21 PM

Is that living room light fixture the PS Maskros from Ikea, but painted gold? Genius! And I know those round woven floor cushions are Ikea...gotta love the high-low, personalized mix of furnishings in this home.

Amy & David Butler's Creative Textile Lab of a Home
House Tour

4/30/11 12:54 AM

Check out door sixteen for lots of black wall inspiration! She's also used black-on-black wallpaper to great effect in an office, and the pattern adds interest to the dark color.

Suggestions for Painting a Bedroom Wall Black?
3/9/11 04:02 PM

I do the binders as well, and when we redid our backyard I had a whole binder of inspiration to draw on (divided with tabs into "hardscaping," "water features," "succulents," etc.). It was like a style tray and made it so much easier to see what types of design really appealed to me. And it must have worked, because my yard was later featured on AT!

Organized Inspiration: Creating Binders of Favorite Photos
3/8/11 01:42 PM

Hi everyone, and thank you for the nice comments! We are blushing! To answer questions:
-The green chairs are indeed IKEA from last summer. This year they did a similar design but in blue & red. Maybe next summer they will bring back the green!

-My husband and his brother laid the pavers last summer during the big fires in the San Gabriel mountains. It was 100 degrees and smoky out; they are my heroes. First they removed the sod and leveled the dirt as well as they could. Then they used sand to create a stable base. It took trial and error to get each paver to sit level, but this got easier as they went along. They used 2x4s to make even spaces between the pavers. When they were finished we filled the spaces with Mexican beach pebbles.

-As for the shade, we had an existing mature tree that overhangs the L-shaped bench, providing afternoon and evening shade. In another area we put up a triangular shade sale (IKEA again!), a great solution for those who don't have a big tree handy.

Thanks again!

Juliana's Family-Friendly Backyard My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/15/10 12:16 AM