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I had the most unforgettable southern porch swing bean bag mattress made with shipping popcorn that travelled well for outings but got ruined by the God damn squirels and other critters. It could be repaired and would be perfect for a tiny apartment without squirels. Thanks for the bean bag furniture subject. It's the "bend and snap" of furniture chat and decorating.

Grown-Up Chic or Old-School Has Been? Modern Bean Bag
12/9/11 07:50 PM

With the end of the Aztec calender just around the corner, who has time to be PC. I look youngest in incandescent light which decides it for me. And thank the Lord above that it has been some time since I visited a landfill.

Incandescent Bulbs: Hoard Now or Get Left in The Dark?
12/9/11 07:40 PM

Wheeewwwww girl those replicas are divine but how "tiny" is your apt? I have several orginals and they are to-die-for

Spotlight on Collectibles: German TV Tower Models
12/9/11 07:34 PM