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Or y'know, get out of your car for a moment and stop another pointless piece of tech being made

Surprisingly Affordable Automated Gate Openers
7/2/12 03:57 PM

Has no-one heard of lossless audio? Rip to FLAC or Apple Lossless, and lo-and-behold the audio is as good as the CD. (Which is probably over-compressed at the studio if it's from the last 10 years)

How to Downsize Movie & Music Collections
1/26/12 01:25 PM

I hacked one this summer. It has a 320gb HD in it now, and runs a [stripped] full version of OS X along with iTunes. Why? so it can sit under the seat in our car, create it's own closed wifi network and be controlled wirelessly as a big old music server with an iPhone remote. Bet you didn't think of that!

Squeezing a Little Extra Life From a 1st Gen Apple TV
12/9/11 01:04 PM