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Wow! I don't see the placemats on the list, but they're fantastic. Anybody got a lead on the source?

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4/27/14 05:29 PM

To Allison, or to anyone who can tell--are those bottom-up shades in the living room? I notice they do a good job of filtering sunlight without all of the hardware that interferes with the top of the window. Any info or ideas?

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8/28/13 01:42 PM

Ditto to MelissaM's comment about "stretching the boundaries of AT's home coverage to include more about one's relationship with the neighborhood and community". This is the kind of expansion that I personally would welcome on AT.

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5/14/12 11:51 AM

Aw, hi joi! Great to hear from you on here! xo
@mmq, the wooden shelves in the kitchen are from Ikea, as is the big wooden bookshelf in the living room. I don't remember the name of the former but they should still be available. The latter is called Norrebo and I think most of its line has been discontinued, unfortunately. It's a great, sturdy piece.

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12/12/11 07:47 PM

Hi folks, this is Jenny. Thanks so much for your comments. We're thrilled that so many of you like the space! To answer a couple of your questions, @Anna Lisa, no, we didn't have to take the door off but I did do that in a prior rental, and it was totally worth it--it really opened things up. The only problem was finding a place to store the door! @sleeksoph and @lepidoptery, yes, that's our coffee table. Collin had bought it from Ikea a couple of years back (I think its name is Ramvik, it has drawers for his video game stuff), and we put some Marimekko wrapping paper from Crate and Barrel under the glass. And @Blandwagon, that's delightful. I guess we came to the right place!
Thanks again to all, and happy holidays!

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12/9/11 07:18 AM