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Any other ideas that doesnt use a magnetic strip? Am I the only one scared of hanging a bunch of knives with a magnet?

10 Places To Hang a Magnetic Knife Rack
3/4/14 09:06 PM

could we have an updated version of this? I'm looking for a good looking recliner/ lazy boy but all these links are expired!

Good Questions: Stylish Recliners?
1/30/14 09:50 PM

Has anyone ever thought about putting on 4 sheets? You only have to clean the sheets once a month! (How about 52 sheets!?)

How To Make Your Bed Once and
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1/30/14 08:47 PM

Not sure how the neighboring condos are, but is it possible to move your front door to the very right (where the kitchen/ bathroom starts)? If so, you can move the entrance and be able to extend your bedroom and let the baby sleep in your room (you can always use curtains to partition). Use up all the unused hallway space by getting rid of the closets. You can just add a storage cabinet (wall) in your living area to make up for lost storage.

How To Convert 640SF Apartment to a 2-Bedroom? Good Questions
4/8/13 10:55 AM

If you do have a couple bucks to spend and decide to go for a condo, how about building a small room inside of a room? The best way to insulate sound is through void spaces. This will not let the sound pass through. Usually if you share stud walls, the studs themselves will pass on the sound. So you can build an 8X8 cube or something and insulate to muffle the sound further and also soundproof the inside of it (carpet all over walls, clg, floor if looking for a cheap alternative). The only concern would be then to pass the sound to your downstairs neighbor, but perhaps this cube could be lifted up by something.

Ways To Soundproof Studio for Music Producer Boyfriend? Good Questions
10/15/12 03:51 PM

I would definitely get rid of the awning, and maybe even build a covered porch. You can also do it yourself by building a deck and getting a new larger (modern) awning.

Keep the color consistent all over (I also love grey/ grey-blue for the overall house, and maybe a white or bold color for the window frames and door). Add some vines that can creep up the house.

One comment about the interior: if you haven't thought about this yet, I would get rid of the closet under the stair and add a nice steel pipe for structure. the cube totally takes away from the floating stair. (Might have to hire someone for that)

Exterior Ideas for Brady Bunch
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10/5/12 10:57 AM