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Brilliant! Very impressed!

Before & After: IKEA Futon Graduates From College Instructables
7/25/14 12:42 PM

Wow!! This is a very intricate renovation! I hope you are planning on putting the beautiful built-in bench back, it was such a beautiful part of the foyer! Looking forward to the finish, I am sure it will be amazing!!

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Stair Repair Renovation Diary
7/17/14 08:11 AM

Ugh, I can't believe I sm saying this.......I like the before better.

Before & After: A Dark Side Table Gets A Dose of Whimsy
7/9/14 02:07 PM

I likey, I likey A LOT! Very nice indeed!

Before & After: A Damaged Desk Gets a Dramatic Change
7/7/14 10:42 AM

Very nice!

Before & After: A Corner Work Space Gets a Striped & DIY Update
6/28/14 08:05 PM

I'm in love with this space! Perfection! My favorite AT tour to dare! Fantastic job!

Kelly's Luminous Tree House House Tour
6/24/14 08:25 PM

Oh, pleeeeeeeease bar cart Gods, let ME find one that needs to be rejuvenated (preferably a very cheap one or a trash pick that I could scoup up!).

Totally love this!!

Before & After: From Old to Gold Bar Cart Revamp!
6/21/14 11:42 AM

L.O.V.E. IT!!!

Before & After: A Retro Bowling Ball Holder Gets A New Life
6/18/14 12:17 PM


Before & After: Rita's Really (Really!) Amazing Closet Transformation
6/16/14 10:20 AM


Before & After: Brown Dresser Launches New Campaign
6/12/14 11:36 AM

The architecture is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful space!! I woukd live there in a nanosecond! Well done!

Leslie and Jake's \"Street Cred Granny\" Style in LA House Tour
6/11/14 04:13 PM

Love this! Very nice indeed!

A bar cart is on my list of things I look for when I go to flea markets, tag sales, and when cruising around the neighborhood on trash day, lol.

Nice find for $10 buckaroos!

Before & After: A $10 Diamond in the Rough Bar Cart
6/10/14 12:02 PM


Jennifer's Small Space Kitchen Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/30/14 04:00 PM

Really pretty! Love the vanity, the tiles, and twinkle lights, I love the entire space! Thanks for sharing!

Before & After: Megan's Modern & Mexican Tile Small Bathroom Mix
4/12/14 03:18 PM

OMG!, I'm in love with this apartment! Location, location, location!

Mandy and Matt's Lovely Canalside Home House Tour
4/6/14 12:21 PM

Question.... Picture #1...... What is that object in the left corner of the room! It looks like a waste hose from a RV sitting there near the chair.

5 Double-Duty Room Combos that Always Work Small Space Solutions
4/2/14 12:42 PM

@ Lisa...... The canvas drop cloth idea is clever, they came out beautifully! Love how they were hung in the bay window!

DIY Project Ideas: 10 Window Treatments for Under $50 Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/27/14 03:22 PM

Englishdaffodil....NYC is Manhattan.

Penelope & Zack's Minimal, Moody & Modern in Brooklyn House Call
3/23/14 08:02 PM

Wow! Looks like it has been there forever!

Before & After: Vickiann's DIY Real Brick Wall
3/16/14 03:19 PM

Sophisticated, warm, inviting, beautiful, all these words describes this apartment!

HGTV Star Danielle Colding Layers Generations of Influence House Tour
3/16/14 12:34 PM