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why all the gold knob hate? if they were silver to match the appliances and etcetera, it would be too monotone. i picture some shiny gold bowls on the countertops to tie them in!

The World's Ugliest Condo: The Big Reveal Renovation Before & After
5/19/12 10:42 AM

it's really quite adorable. i wish i had a closet like that!

Step by Step Makeover: A Walk-in Closet from Drab to Fab
4/24/12 11:44 PM

i will add that mine all have nice patinas though.

Brass Animal Figurines: Vintage Style
3/30/12 11:59 PM

i found six or so similar owls at various sales in alabama and some other locales i can't remember back when i traveled the world's longest yard sale two years ago!

Brass Animal Figurines: Vintage Style
3/30/12 11:58 PM

leaving the drawer the wood tone was a good choice. really successful!

Before & After: Handsome Navy Nightstands Happy Mundane
3/14/12 05:26 PM

i'd love to have one or two globes. i used to love looking at my dad's as a kid. spinning it and seeing where your finger lands, etc. more than just a few looks a bit ridiculous though!

Vintage Globe Decor: Trend or Timeless?
2/16/12 10:28 PM

the blue fabric looks great with the tone of the refinished wood. i would loveeee to learn how to reupholster! someday.

Before, During, After: The Best Part of Any Project - Learning New Skills
2/11/12 05:35 PM

simple but seriously effective. hell to the yeah! good choice on the stripes rather than checkerboard. illusion of a wider room.

Before & After: Gemma's Under $200 Kitchen Spruce Up
2/9/12 11:11 PM

i think the statement that the oversized art for the room makes is pretty cool. however, if this is a painting that they want their guests (and themselves!) to really see and appreciate, then there isn't enough room to really stand back from the painting and admire it. just my two cents!

Look! Enormous Painting in the Kitchen
2/9/12 06:14 PM

i AM a sucker for yellow though!

Before & After: Retro Lamp, Drab To Fab
Mer Mag

1/19/12 09:55 PM

very simple change but it definitely packs a punch. nice!

Before & After: Retro Lamp, Drab To Fab
Mer Mag

1/19/12 09:55 PM

i notice it a lot on this website, but this post especially has pointed out to me that a lot of the commenters here are complete and total jerks. rude, snide, snarky, assholes. i think i might just stop bothering with reading the comments from now on, because i'm noticing it more and more. :(

in actual response to the post... alarm across the room sounds great, and i've done it before. but i think as a chronic night person that i need the opportunity for an easy snooze of the alarm. having to get out of bed to shut it off makes me almost want to just pretend i can't even hear it! and then there's the problem of building up so much rage to the sound of whatever cellphone ringtone i use for it, that i need to change it every month or so...

How to Avoid Hitting Snooze in the Morning
1/14/12 12:46 AM

PS. to my previous comment. my current situation is MUCH better than my last, with the multiple families sharing an apartment above my head and kids that shook the walls to the point that things fell off. they also flooded my apartment by breaking both their shower and their toilet. good times! oh, rentals.

7 Tips for Keeping the Peace (and Quiet) With Noisy Neighbors
1/12/12 11:59 PM

we are on the first floor but are lucky enough to have 9.5 ft high ceilings... occasionally i hear some footsteps but rarely. the one downside is that anyone in the laundry/basement storage area can hear EVERYTHING in our kitchen. literally. i was doing laundry one day and heard my cat start meowing above my head, clear as day, as if she was right next to me.

one nosy neighbor in the building (it's really just a big victorian house, so frankly, i know who it is.) was kind enough to leave a pamphlet about embracing jesus under my kitchen door (opens to the back hall which goes to the trash and laundry) when the night before i'd had a conversation with my boyfriend about, basically, birth control. so the whole thing is a bit too close for comfort.

7 Tips for Keeping the Peace (and Quiet) With Noisy Neighbors
1/12/12 11:57 PM

haven't even entered the tour and i'm already in love. very jealous of all the sunlight!

Elizabeth's Urban Artist Retreat
House Tour

1/12/12 11:03 PM

i like the idea of keeping everything in the space to shades of white and gray, and letting the brick wall be a pop of warmth.

Color Recommendations for My Bathroom?
Good Questions

1/11/12 08:25 PM

truffle oil mixed in hummus... soooo great!

Our Readers' Favorite Food Discoveries of 2011
12/27/11 12:46 AM